The Three Little Flies By Miss Neal

Once upon a time there were three little flies who lived in a bakery with their mother. One day their mother told them that it was time to go out into the world and stretch their wings.

So the first little fly flew off to find himself a house. As he flew around the bakery, he spotted a beautiful, yellow cake. He thought, "This is the house for me!" and so he landed on top of it and made himself at home.

Just as the fly settled down on his delicious, yellow cupcake house, the baker walked by. "Oh, my goodness! There is a nasty fly on my beautiful cupcakes!" and he ran off as fast as he could to grab the fly swatter. The baker took that old fly swatter, ran back to the cupcakes and with a SPLAT! he smashed that cupcake and fly all over the room.

The second little fly flew around the bakery. He could smell something hot and warm. As he looked down, he spotted some potato rolls that had just been taken from the oven. He decided that this would be the best home for him and he settled down on the warm, crusty rolls. Just then the baker walked by and saw a fly on his freshly made rolls. So he ran off to get a fly swatter.

And you guessed it! SMASH!! The fly swatter came down hard on the fly and the rolls!

The third fly flew around the bakery looking for the perfect house. She knew that she would need a very strong home. She looked and she looked. She flew over doughnuts, bagels, cookies and cakes galore. Soon she found just what she was looking for. It was a flour canister! She knew that canisters were hard and would make a safe place to live. So she flew right in and made herself at home. Before long the baker decided he needed some more rolls and he went to get the canister of flour. He lifted the lid off and screamed at the top of his lungs, "A FLY!". So he ran off as fast as his little legs would take him to get the fly swatter. He lifted the swatter far above his head and came down with a gigantic SWAT! But instead of smacking the fly, flour flew up into the baker's face. It got in his ears, in his nose, in his eyes, and in his mouth! He coughed and he hacked and he coughed and he hacked trying to get the flour out of his face but with no success so he walked away and left the canister and the fly alone.

And I bet you can guess what happened next. The fly lived happily ever after!


Created with images by steve p2008 - "fly" • Rhonlynn - "Have a cupcake" • weisserstier - "130815_Fliegenklatsche_3" • serenejournal - "P1000522" • Melissa Eder - "Fly Swatter" • r.nial.bradshaw - "150221-kitchen-canisters-vintage-mushrooms.jpg"

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