Water A Polar MolecuLE

Water has three qualities that make it a unique molecule able to support a wide variety of biological functions such as cohesion, adhesion, and surface tension.

Cohesion -- Cohesion is when water sticks to water molecules. In the lab recently done, water was placed on a penny and the water formed a dome over the penny because the hydrogen atom have a positive charge and the oxygen atoms have a slightly negative charge then they bond to each other rand thats who they did.

In this image the water molecules are sticking to each other and forming droplets.

Adhesion -- Adhesion is when water molecules stick to other things. In the lab that was recently done, the water molecules were able to stick to the penny until the penny couldn't hold the water any more. In reality you may have seen water droplets stick to glass, that is adhesion.

This image shows water droplet sticking to glass which is an example of adhesion.

Surface Tension -- Surface tension is when the surface of a liquid, such as water, is bonded togged her so it can hold certain things up. In the recent lab done you had to attempt to put a paper clip on the water but as soon as someone touched the water or as soon as soap came in contact with the water the surface tension broke and the paper clip fell into the water.


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