Amendment 6 By: Haley Witrago

The 6th Amendment is your have the right to a speedy trial, by jury. You have the right to a lawyer to help you in court. For instance, someone who is stealing your belongings/ trespassing your area to get to your things.

Real Life example: One day me and my dad were going to to the car so he can take me to school. I looked for his car for where it's always parked and then I tell my dad. So he comes Running outside and doenst see his car. So he told my mom to call the cops and report that his car was missing becuase someone stole it. After the cops came and asked questions and left a day later my dads brother found my dads car in the fields with everything was stolen in it. Overall my dad was able to get his car to the house, although he was lucky he didn't have his license and importnta papers in the car that day.

Another real life situation: one time my cousin was in target. I was with her,she told me she was going to buy makeup so I went with her. Next thing I know she's stealing makeup. And I tell her"what are you doing don't take that." At this time I was like 9, and she tells me "it's okay they wing know." After she kept putting products in her bag she walks toward as the format of the store,and a worker or I think it was a sercurity girl she said" what do you have in their?" and my cousin answered "Nothing." The lady said "let me see your bag." And she found a lot of their makeup. My cousin thinks she got coughs becuase someone told on her or she looked suspicious. Now she isn't allowed in may targets.


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