Our Horror Story My Family Project

Warning!!!!!!!!! There is some explicit language throughout our content.

Not for replication, We own the media and text in this page and we do not permit for reuse. Thank you Second Chances 803.

This is just pieces of the project most definitely behind the scenes. We would like to see this take off into something huge, possibly movie or video game story lines. Any creative support is appreciated greatly.

Make up and photos we took to get us started on ideas

Second part of our project is still in the works but we are working on it more photos we have gotten together and a few videos of sites we would like to use for film or transfer for game idea.

Photos of scenes we would like to incorporate somehow

And some other things we are things we are thinking about using.

Chimera Model

Official Idea In the works on itch.io The game is called a walk in the woods!!!

We would still like to see a short film idea come out of it as well, though!

Stay tuned for more upcoming videos, news, and photos

Special thanks going out to Adobe, Google, Itch.io, Friends and Family who helped see us through and believed in us on this project, and to anyone who invested.

Created By
Danielle Avin


Danielle Avin, Hannah Yackeschi, Jacob Doege, Josh Avin

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