What Peace is Meant to me By: Mohammad MAlik

Having peace means we have fun, freedom and that we are safe. I love having peace!

You can do anything fun. Sports, video games, hanging out with friends and family etc. Here are some things I like.

Freedom means you have rights like acting, speaking or thinking without be restrained. So act stronger, speak up and think louder.

Being safe means that you feel that you have rights!

If everybody had these things then we would have peace, and that is what peace is meant to me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What makes we happy is everybody in the whole wide world being happy!


Created with images by Dave Hogg - "Peace" • AlexanderPaukner - "peace symbol peace sign" • Uriel 1998 - "Minecraft Cathedral" • Tell Jeeves - "The teams turning their backs to us" • InspiredImages - "eagle bird symbol" • [Share the Word] - "Ezekiel 31:5"

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