One Direction how much i like one direction 10-10 i love one direction

Music and More

One Direction writes their own music.

"From day one we worked really hard to find the One Direction sound, and we did that by getting involved in the songwriting. So it means everything to us that our music is done well."


Niall is the secent lead singer

''My town has around for 25,000 in't and it feels as if everyone know each other but I can drive though the street of London and not know one single person".


Louis is the 4 lead singer

''When I first got put together as a group it was a really strange but amazing moment for us all''.


He was the 5 lead singer

My memories of when the first got put together are great it is the funies being hear with the band we work on so much''.


Liam is the threed lead singer

I'm totally used to having jet lag now, and sometimes I even quite enjoy it''.


Harry is the first lead singer

It is impoosible to put into words how much my life has changed sence the X Factor. It is fun being with the band

All about One Direction

This is a book I would recommend. This book is all about One Direction.


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