Back To The Wild 600th Bald Eagle release

The central Florida Audubon bird of prey center releases their 600th eagle on June 21st 2018.

The eagle was injured in a territory dispute with another eagle. It was discovered on the ground near the middle school in Maitland, Florida. The birds left wing sustained heavy damage from the battle and required several surgeries along with laser treatment to help heal the wounds.

Preparations for release include, hooding for birds comfort, weigh in, identification banding and relaxation time.
Local media and TV stations were invited to cover the release.
Bird of prey center staff and Mimi Ford (a major donor to the center) releases the 600th eagle.

From the moment Mimi Ford nervously took hold of the eagle, we could all tell the bird was eager to take flight. Mimi quickly lunged forward for the release. With wings spread wide and a few swift flaps the eagle was airborne.

Thanks to Katie Warner the director of the Audubon Bird of Prey Center for the opportunity to tell this story with my cameras. It was an amazing day for everyone involved.

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