Hi my jaylena and i’m going to tell you some facts about my animal name aardvark.I choose this animal because it is very lonely.They also are rare which means there barely seen.The aardvark is almost extinct.The aardvark is also very old.

The AARDVARK looks like a kangaroo . The aardvark is 140-100 cm also it weighs 40-100 . The aardvark moves and goes place to place by walking or digging.The aardvark eats insects like pupae of scarab beetles ,and they eat up to 5,000,000 insects each night.

The aardvark live in grasslands, savannas , rain forests, woodlands, and thickets throughout Africa in the south of the safari. The aardvark has a generation of 7 months.The AARDVARKS are very competitive and boy do i mean competitive .They are also very aggressive .You shouldn't me with the aardvark even if it has a funny name it is quite dangerous.the aardvark can trick you.so don’t be fooled by his trick .They curl up into a ball and then after a few moments they start digging really fast to the ground.oh yeah i forgot to say back off the aardvark.

Another reason to back off them is because we are one of his enemies.As well as the lion for life .The hyenas who act like they all that. Also who could forget about the pythons long vicious snake.And don’t forget the leopard theme old spots make them look dangerous .

One thing that makes the aardvark so special is it is rare. It has barely been seen in most of his habitats.you can find the aardvark when it comes out to search for its food. You can also find the aardvark when he is getting ready to go to sleep .Yet they do look like tiny kangaroos so you might mistake him for a kangaroo.


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Jaylena Scott


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