Theodore Roosevelt National Park The paRk opened On April 25, 1947. It is located in the Badlanda of North Dakota. The badlands were very important to Roosevelt., so the park memorializes his contributions to the conservation of America's natural resources. President Truman made it a national pArk. This is the only memorial park in the national park system.

Theodore Roosevelt National Park has some cool rock formations. There are rocky hills and pillars that look like layered rocks. They were formed when sediments like silt, sand, and mud were carried to this area by rivers and deposited in layers. Wind and rain have weathered these rocks over the years.

Another landmark in the park are the flood plains. It's a curvy river that winds through a valley and floods a couple times a year to provide water for trees. The valley formed by water eroding the dirt away to make a trench for the water to flow in.When it rains it rains hard in downpours and water runs down the slopes and forms gullies. The wooded areas of the floodplain provide habitats for plants and animals like the white tailed deer and many different types of birds. The grassy areas of the flood planes provide grazing for animals like bison, deer horses and elk.

There are 2 types of forests in the park. They are Juniper woodlands and hardwood forests.The juniper trees on the north side slow the rain from hitting the ground slow the effects of erosions on the ground. The elk like the juniper wood lands because they are cooler in the summer and it protects them from the cold winds of winter.

There are really cool things to do in the park like hiking, horse trails, and camping, biking,and fishing. There are lots of neat wildlife to see like bison, coyote, cougars, Feral horses, badgers ,elk, bighorn sheep, whitetail deer, mule deer, prairie dogs, golden eagles, Sharp Tailed grouse, and wild turkeys.

Theodore Roosevelt National Park in North Dakota.
Map of park

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