Adobe Workshop Series: AIGA Alaska Creativity. Design. Workflow.

AIGA Alaska

The event was organized by BECCA ROSAL, the current Vice President of the chapter. Along with Board of Directors members COLLEEN SHANNON the current president, MONICA STERCHI-LOWMAN the Finance Director, COURTNY BROOKS the Social Media Chair, & NIKI ENGSTROM, Volunteer Chair.

Becca is getting ready and Monica saves the day by bringing extra cups & of course the "MoneyBox". Nikki is posing for me with a big smile. Colleen is figuring out some Mobile Apps and Courtney was taking most of the pictures...(she is pictures at the end with me...)
Snacks, and coffee as well as sandwiches for LUNCH & LEARN. Brochures and set up just before people started to show up for the first seminar.
Can you believe her Cell Phone?..

Adobe InDesign & Adobe Illustrator Workflow

Explore the latest features in Illustrator and InDesign plus, learn how Creative Cloud Libraries makes the workflow a breeze.

Discuss the difference between the two applications and show example for production and workflow.

Create Master pages using InDesign and add to it Adobe Illustrator Symbols, Brushes and Patterns.

Creating a Brush in Illustrator
Following the instructions...

Adobe Stock & Adobe Typekit

Bring an image from Adobe Stock
Image from Adobe Stock for the Cover

Adobe Mobile Apps and Integration with Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop & Adobe InDesign

Explore from any device. A deep look into Adobe Mobile apps and integration with Adobe Desktop applications.

Easy download from the App store
Adobe Capture - Shapes
Adobe Mix
Adobe Draw
Adobe Sketch

5 Things a Designer needs to know about the Web.

This workshop will take you into the new features of the web. You will learn a variety of web design concepts, how to use web fonts, work with non-fixed layouts and how to prototype your design in Illustrator or Photoshop.

Workflow with Adobe Photoshop Artboards

Creating a prototype for a device using Adobe Photoshop Artboards. Using the Quick Export and other Export features.

Using Adobe CC Comps

Creating a prototype for a site using CC Comp and CC libraries
Saving colors to the CC Library

From Pixel to Vector - Working with Adobe Illustrator And Cloud Libraries

Explore Adobe Shapes and integration with Adobe Illustrator. Create a Vector based Poster using Pixel based images. Transform Pixel to Vector using Image Trace, Live Paint. Create interesting Pattern and Brushes.

Collaborate with Adobe CC Libraries.

Saving Shapes to theCC Library
Image Trace - and CC library
Creating a Pattern

Thank you The Boardroom for sponsoring the event

A great place to collaborate, relax, create and meet other creatives.

Thank you SKILLSHARE for Sponsoring with a year Membership

Thank you Adobe for sponsoring AIGA Alaska with content, speaker and 4 - 1 year membership to Adobe Creative Cloud

Yes..this is me and Courtney..she was one of the lucky people!

I had a blast sharing my knowledge!

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Chana Messer, Courtny Brooks

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