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Transportation Services

Thank you to the nearly 740 families who provided feedback on our Transportation Survey last month. The purpose of the survey was to gather input to help us lead improvements with our new transportation provider, Dairyland Buses Inc. Below, please find the data results from the survey. Charts were created based on the different scales used in each question.

In order to ensure that our transportation services are continuously improving, we are asking that you please complete the survey again, and provide us feedback related to your experience with the transportation service over the last seven days. We are requesting contact information in order to follow up with you should the need arise. If you have more than one child in attendance, feel free to fill out the survey more than once. 2019 MNS Transportation Feedback Survey.

The decision to switch to a new transportation provider was difficult. Critical factors considered in the decision included safety (current buses are equipped with 4 cameras) and customer service. Transportation is an important service to our schools and families and we are fully committed to a successful transition. We are thankful for the improvements made since the start of the school year, and continue to work daily with Dairyland, Transfinder (routing software), and Infinite Campus to improve service to our students and communication with our parents. Recently, we began supporting Dairyland’s efforts to notify schools and parents through Infinite Campus emails when bus drivers are changed due to long-term absences, vacations, or the permanent replacement of a driver. We greatly appreciate your patience and support during this transition.

School Closing Protocol

With the cold and snow season just around the corner, this is a friendly reminder to familiarize yourself with the district’s protocol for closing school due to inclement weather HERE.

Threats are Taken Seriously

Please remember that if you or your children see or hear something suspicious to immediately say something to an administrator, a School Resource Officer, or call the local police department. We are committed to ensuring a safe learning environment for our students, and we are fortunate to have great partnerships with you, our parents/guardians, in our district. With threats occurring more often in school districts, it is important that we take a moment to lean on this partnership and ask you to have a conversation with your children regarding the serious implications of making a threat on a school. Such behavior may leave a lasting impact on a child’s education and future. The impact on the entire family is profound. Rather than waiting, we are asking you to personally discuss this issue with your children now. Whether a student perceives making a threat as a joke or not a big deal, making a threat on a school could result in suspension, expulsion, and/or being charged as an adult with a felony. According to State of WI statue 947.015: “Whoever intentionally conveys or causes to be conveyed any threat or false information, knowing such to be false, concerning an attempt or alleged attempt being made or to be made to destroy any property by the means of explosives is guilty of a Class 1 felony.” Thank you for taking a moment to have this discussion with your children.

Communicating with the Board

Meet the School Board members who represent and serve our Muskego-Norway community HERE. Per their request, feel free to contact them with your questions and comments. Please consult the following policies for greater detail on how public comments and suggestions may be shared with the board - Public Requests, Suggestions, or Complaints HERE and Public Participation at Board Meetings HERE.

Safety in our Schools - Storm Ready

Over the past two years Muskego-Norway has partnered with Meteorologist Mark McGinnis to completely review our storm sheltering procedures. Our plans have also been reviewed at the federal level and we have been awarded the designation of being “Storm Ready.” This designation means:

  • All sheltering areas have been reviewed for capacity and safety
  • Tornado drills are taking place at each school
  • Shelter signs are posted and exit routes identified for each classroom
  • Staff and facility user groups have been trained on procedures
  • Weather radios are active in each school
  • Severe weather and lightning detection notifications are sent to designated staff

Should you have any questions regarding our storm procedures, please reach out to Jeremiah Johnson, Director of Operations & HR, 262-971-1807.


Would you or your employer be interested in providing exposure to your business or various careers within your field at a job fair event? Are you interested in visiting classrooms to talk to students about your area of expertise? Could a student shadow you - or one of your colleagues - at work for a day? Are you passionate about helping to develop young talent within your industry? If you answered “yes” to one or more of these questions, please contact Jim Michlig, Muskego’s College, Career, and Experiential Learning Coordinator, to learn more about the CONNECT Academy at Muskego High School. Jim can be reached at james.michlig@muskegonorway.org or 262.971.1700 ext.4550. You can also connect with Jim on Linkedin.

District Information

There are several documents available that provide updates regarding district happenings and results. Please check out the fall 2019 Community Newsletter and our district performance on our district website.

Consider Becoming a Guest Teacher or Paraprofessional

We partner with Teachers on Call to fill our open positions for Guest Teachers and aides. Apply online at www.teachersoncall.com or call 1-800-713-4439.

  • Flexible schedule - work when you want
  • Great pay and other perks
  • Share your skills and make an impact
  • Prior teaching experience not required

Wisconsin Facets Family Newsletter

The purpose of this newsletter is to provide families with timely and relevant information on different special education related topics including: at-home learning strategies, online resources, recent research, and statewide events. This Month’s Topic is Children with Learning Disabilities. Click HERE to access this month’s newsletter.

Parents United

Parents United is a coalition of 26 school districts in collaboration with educators, community resources, and related service providers focused on empowering parents of children with disabilities to become effective advocates and informed decision-makers. This nonprofit community-based organization provides regular informational workshops featuring experts presenting a wide range of topics relative to students with disabilities and their families. All presentations are free of charge for families and staff. The topics presented are relevant to variety families, so please be encouraged to attend if interested.

Conversations with the Superintendent

2019-20 Conversations with the Superintendent are held at the ESC as follows:

  • Noon on November 25 (Monday) at 12:00 PM
  • Morning of February 26 (Wednesday) at 7:00 AM
  • Afternoon of April 27 (Monday) at 4:00 PM

If these dates/times do not fit your schedule and you are interested in meeting, please contact me to schedule an individual meeting.

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Dr. Kelly Thompson