Mountain View Adventist College term 1 week 9

From the Principal's Desk

Hello Parents,

The Easter break is now with us and I would like to take this opportunity to remind us all of why we celebrate this time.

With European settlement, Christianity came to Australia. Whether it was a forced worship or chosen, the festivals that were part of Christianity formed part of the settlers’ way of life.

Over time Easter has developed into a holiday period for most Australians. Although there is still a majority of Australians who claim that they are Christians, and many of them will be celebrating the true meaning of Easter over the next couple of days, there is a growing majority who see Easter as a great holiday break.

So, let us return to the true meaning of Easter. Approximately 2000 years ago the Bible in the book of John tells us that that, “the Word became flesh and dwelt among us”. (John 1:14). John has already stated that “The Word” is God. So, God came to the world in the form of a human being whom Christians call Jesus Christ. Jesus lived on earth and taught about God. Not all who listened to him liked what they heard or saw, so decided to get rid of Him. Jesus was tried by a Roman court, sentenced to death (even though the judge found Him innocent), and was crucified and buried. This was the beginning of the first Easter. Easter then is a time for Christians to be remembering the death of Jesus, the founder of Christianity.

But, there is something even more important about Easter. On the first Easter Friday Jesus was laid in a tomb. On the Sunday morning, (three days later) some women who were friends of Jesus went to the tomb to prepare His body for a proper burial. When they arrived at the tomb, the ladies found it empty. The real meaning of Easter is not complete without the resurrection of Jesus. Angels at the tomb told the ladies that Jesus was alive. Easter’s message is that Jesus is ALIVE!

A Bible verse that most people know is: “God so loved the world that He gave His only Son (the Word—Jesus), that whosoever believes in Him, should not perish, but have everlasting life.” Because Jesus lives, you and I can live for eternity. This is what Easter means. It is not about a holiday.

If you are going away for Easter keep safe but remember that Easter is a time for remembering Jesus' death and resurrection.

Have a safe and happy long week-end.

God be with you.


WOSE 2018

Mountain View had our week of spiritual emphasis on the 12 - 17 April. We had a Jonathan Leonardo from the US speaking to the students about what it means to have your identity in Jesus and how the circumstances you face in life don’t stop you from being loved by God. We finished on Saturday morning combining with Mountain View church.

Mountain View Messages

Afternoon School Pickup

As our College continues to grow, we have an increased amount of traffic coming into and out of the College. The increased traffic at the front of Administration building is causing concern for us and the area to remain safe. To this end, we will be changing our approach to After School Pickup effective from Term 2.

Currently, we ask that all students that are being picked up by car, should be going through to the car line. Car line is conducted in the furthest drive way from Eastern Road - heading towards Doonside Railway Station. All students who are being transported by car should be picked up from the John Eastwood Hall.

Effective from day one of Term 2, we will be closing the two front gates immediately in front of the Admin Building at 2:30pm. Gates will reopen at 3:40pm once all of the school traffic has left the College grounds. All students that are being picked up will be required to use the Car Line.

We appreciate your assistance, understanding and patience as we make these necessary adjustments to ensure that your children and our staff are kept safe during this busy time of the school day.

Friday's Term 2 & 3

Just a reminder that from next Term on Friday's school will be finished at 230pm. Please ensure that the necessary changes have been made for picking up of your child/ren.

Student I.D. Cards

Cards have been given to students. If your child/ren does not have a card, please inform the office. Any lost cards will need to be replaced at a purchase price of $10. All students are required to have their I.D. cards on them at all times as it is required for many things i.e. signing out, school excursions, library book hire etc.

Student I.D. Card Holders

These are being sold in the office, at $5 each. The card holders accomodate for

Junior School- Bag clipped holder

Middle/Senior- Lanyard and Phone attached holder

ICAS Testing

Parents wishing to enrol their child/ren in English, Mathematics, Science, Writing and Spelling assessments need to return their forms with payment to the front office by the end of this term.

Coles- Sport for Schools

Our aim is 10,000 and we are nearly there with 9,203 vouchers. Please collect as many vouchers as possible as this weekend is the last chance for vouchers.

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