Post-Test Analysis Learning outcome #4

Not one of my finer tests...

Since this test did not go well, I plan to use some of the strategies I got from the TA. Since just reading the book and using note cards didn’t work well, he suggested some websites that use the book’s layout to create practice problems and help videos for struggling students. As a highly visual learner, this should be a huge help going in to the final tests.

Overall, I’m very glad I got the opportunity to make this appointment. Even though I could not get in touch with my professor, the TA was still able to give valuable tips and help on the problems I missed. Being able to see what I did wrong and how to improve in the future is a huge part of growing academically. Even though I had no choice but to make the appointment for this class, I plan to meet with future professors even on tests that went well so that I can get to know their teaching styles a bit better. From this experience, I see that getting to know professors/teachers can pay off in ways that even tutors cannot provide.


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