Easter Sunday Dinner with my Condo Seniors STORY AND PHOTOGRAPHY BY ROBERT NEFF

April 16, 2017. Easter Sunday dinner is an event that we do in shorts. Many of us don't own dress up clothes. This is Florida and they are retired. But I think its because they can't fit into the suit they wore 20 years ago! For more of my Condo Seniors, check out their web page. I need to stop and update it one day. But if you had to eat like this, what would be your priority be?

The Easter ham pie was made a couple days in advance. They had to hide it from me.

I have been told quiche was based on the easter ham pie.

They made the Easter wheatberry pie as I was at the bird rookery. Unbeknownst to me, they had plotted to have me take a few of them to the rookery. Wanted to check on the great blue heron and the kid and the pelican family. Sneaky!

My Condo Seniors wrote the "Art of the Deal" but never published it. Deal here was, They would make me wheatberry pie filling in cups without the crust. In exchange, I would not touch the pie. Easy deal.

That is the wheatberry. Add brown sugar. Next time I need to remember to ask them to cut back on the brown sugar!

This is a custard base so they stocked up on eggs at Trader Joe's!

I am easily distracted.

Like I said, lots of eggs to crack.

The base is ricotta cheese. Publix is around the corner.

Get out the big bowl!

Need a Fitbit for the wrist. See how many calories they burned! A couple of my Condo Seniors went to Disney for five days with family that came down to visit. Their Fitbit registered 7 miles a day. I didn't know they made one for the walker's wheel. I suspect they put it on a grand kid's wrist.

It's ready to be poured!

One down.

Ready for the oven.

Getting a picture of the their mother's recipe is worse than getting a sweet tooth pulled. They made me take it upside down.

All done! Someone's finger did a press to test. Why is everyone looking at me? It was a test to see how hot it was.

They should serve this at "Better Than Sex" in Key West. Yes, they have been there. It is a real dessert restaurant.

I grabbed the oven mitten and attacked! Its best hot out of the oven. I have years of experience to draw upon.

Saturday was the table setting party.. Heard Queen Elizabeth gave them a hat tip!

One brought flowers. These were not from Trader Joe's. Think we know why the neighbors were missing a few.

More Condo Seniors arrived to help. More distractions for me.

I had to run down to another condo to get something. They sure know how to keep me out of the kitchen when they are cooking.

We all had been gnashing on the after it came out of the oven. They have years of experience doing this. Every pan has a history. I need to write down the stories.

The bunnies showed up. There were more eggs in there.

The chicks showed up.

This year they made the deviled eggs with avocados. This is thanks to the eat healthy kick they are on. I have a request in for real deviled eggs this week. Crossing fingers they don't do a different healthy version.

The ham pie was cut and served as an appetizer.

Not much left of the ham pie. I had to save it, so I picked it up and held it. No one wanted it after that. That piece never made it back to the cutting block.

One brought a cauliflower dish. I forgot to take picks of the scallop potatoes. They make one runny, one hard, and one just right.

They added crushed almonds to the cauliflower dish.

Potato rolls for the leftover ham sandwiches!

Dessert time. There are no diabetics here. Several are border line and that is why they wear the Fitbit.

That chick is making a smug face. 

The online bidding app was on fire for leftovers!

We all have our "I survived Easter with my Condo Seniors" stories.

Enjoy more stories and images of what I get to enjoy everyday!

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Venice, Italy. 2007

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