Transitioning from Lynda.com to LinkedIn Learning

The University of Lincoln is currently working towards the transition from Lynda.com to LinkedIn Learning. The information below will discuss the exciting new features, when the upgrade is happening and how it will be processed.


  • We will be upgrading on 18th July 2019 from 1PM. It will take roughly 12 hours to complete. You will be informed via email once your account has been upgraded.
  • All historical data, including certificates, will be transferred over on this date
  • New enhanced features such as adding your own video content to collections (formerly playlists)
  • You will have the option to attach your new LinkedIn Learning account to your LinkedIn account.
  • You have control over your data via the privacy settings inside of the LinkedIn platform.

See below for more in-depth detail

A picture symbolising the transition from Lynda.com to LinkedIn Learning

Why are we upgrading?

Lynda.com was purchased by LinkedIn. They have now mixed both platforms to create a more interactive learning experience. This mixes the benefits of both a social media platform and a learning content website. Some of the features that are enhanced are:

  • You have the option to add completed courses to your LinkedIn profile to inform future employers of your training
  • Personalised course recommendation based on your desired skills sets
  • Multiple quiz types have now been added to courses to enable users to test themselves on the knowledge they have gained
  • Same Lynda.com content (over 11,000 courses) and growing weekly
  • Create custom or use pre-built learning paths
  • Add your own content to custom collections (formerly known as playlists)

Access this document find out about the features in more detail: https://lalt.blogs.lincoln.ac.uk/files/2019/04/Features-Documentation-qp9xuy.pdf

Or please visit this course which will show you how to use LinkedIn learning. https://www.linkedin.com/learning/how-to-use-linkedin-learning/advance-your-skills-with-linkedin-learning

When are we upgrading?

The upgrade is due to take place on 18th July. Communications will be sent out across campus closer to the time to ensure that everyone is aware of the upgrade. Please keep an eye on the digital screens and your inbox for more information.

What will happen during the upgrade?

The process for upgrading is automatic and will carry over all the data from the Lynda.com to LinkedIn Learning. You will be informed of the upgrade date in advance to ensure that any downtime will not effect staff/students.

On the upgrade day, the service (lynda.com) will be offline from 13:00pm. During this time all of the users details on Lynda.com (including playlists and learning history) will be transferred over to LinkedIn Learning. The upgrade process should be completed by Midnight that night. When the transition is complete all users, who already have a profile on Lynda.com, will be contacted by Linkedin Learning to let them know their new account is ready to activate. Your login details will still be the same (authenticating through your university credentials). If you don't have a Lynda.com account you will still be able to access the service. A message will be sent once the upgrade is complete to tell you how to access the new service.

Optional Joining to the Linkedin Platform

Upon activating your account, you will be given the option to join LinkedIn. There are many benefits of joining Linkedin when accessing your Linkedin Learning account. By signing up you will be able to:

  • Add certificates and completed courses directly to your LinkedIn page to show your current skills progressions
  • The service will be able to use public elements of your profile to suggest more relevant courses
  • You can share courses directly with other members of Linkedin (& LinkedIn Learning)

Joining LinkedIn is completely optional and can be added or removed at any point during your time using LinkedIn Learning. If you disconnect your account at any point. Your previous learning data will still be available on the platform. If you wish for this data to be a removed a request will need to be made.

Data Use

Privacy and security of data is important to both the University of Lincoln and Linkedin.We have a Data Processing Agreement (DPA) in place with Linkedin Learning/Lynda.com. This has been agreed with the Information Compliance Officer (ICO). The short video below gives an overview of the privacy policy from Linkedin.

What data will the University of Lincoln (the organisation)/ LinkedIn have access to?: https://www.linkedin.com/help/learning/answer/71996

Can I change what can be seen on my profile? Privacy settings can be altered to make sure that only data you are happy to share can be seen. For more information on what information is available on a LinkedIn profile please visit: https://www.linkedin.com/help/learning/answer/77

Will all of my previous learning history, including certificates, be transferred?

During the automatic transition process, all previous learning history should be transferred over. This includes certificates.

Will I be able to create new playlists (collections)?

Currently only admin groups will be able to create new collections. However, there should be an update in June which will allow any user to create collections.

I have created previous playlists. Do I need to re-create them?

Previous playlists might have to be re-created on the new platform. All of the previous content will still be available. We are still waiting for further information regarding this from LinkedIn Learning and we will inform users of this once more information has been recieved.

When will students and staff get access to the service?

All members of the university will have access to Linkedin Learning after the transition has happened in July.

Can I add completed courses to my LinkedIn Profile?

At the end of completing your course you will be given the option to add a certificate of completion to your LinkedIn profile. If you decide not to share your certificate it will always be available to download/share at any point from the user menu.

If you have any further questions relating to the transition then please contact digitaleducation@lincoln.ac.uk

Transition documentation by Dan Wakefield (University of Lincoln) is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License. Based on a work at http://lncn.ac/transition.

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