Fuck The Police By Sodom

Til Death Do Us Unite

1997 | Metal


“Empty promises, better left unsaid. -- Illusions shattered by mendacity and hate. -- Supremacy, hungry to kill. -- No more effectual fervent supplication."


  • Til Death Do Us Unite is the first Sodom album with guitarist Bernermann and drummer Bobby Schottkowski.
  • Sodom is a German thrash metal band from Gelsenkirchen, formed in 1981.
  • Bassist & vocalist Tom Angelripper is the only original member.


Luke Tatum

"You are their slave but never questioned why." That really hits at the heart of things, doesn't it? The cops can tell you to do absolutely anything and if you refuse, well...just see how that works out for you. Is it legal? Doesn't matter. In the moment, you are their plaything. There is a great little scene in the beginning of the legendary Half-Life 2 that perfectly illustrates this. The entire world is under a kind of martial law, and the world's equivalent of a cop is blocking your path forward. Next to the doorway is a tall trash receptical, with an empty soft drink can sitting on the edge of it. The cop takes a sort of stick he is holding, knocks the can to the ground, and says: "Pick up that can." If you ignore him, he waits until you pick up the can. If you put it in the trash can, he laughs and steps aside so you can make progress. If you get feisty and do something like throw the can back at him, he reveals that the stick he holds is really a cattle prod, and then proceeds to beat you with it. What a lovely set of choices, eh?

Sherry Voluntary

If you know me, then you know that the police and the myriad of ways they are terrible, is one of my favorite topics. The last line of this thrashy song really caught my attention, “No more effectual fervent supplication.” It reminds me of this verse from the bible, James 5:16 Confess your faults one to another, and pray one for another, that ye may be healed. The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much. Wow! This blows my mind a little bit.

They really nailed the essence of the common North American bootlicker. They have a passionae, and zealous love for the representatives of The State, because they actually worship it in it’s mighty display of authority. An authority that uses the religious language of a mostly Christian population to control them by telling them that State authority comes down from almighty God and well, you can’t argue with God blasphemer! It’s like most people are into a really weird kind of religious BDSM where they have to put up with being told what to do, but it’s worth it because they sometimes get to be on the team of the guy telling other people what to do. Strange indeed. For me the phrase “fuck the police,” has come to mean so much more than the literal meaning. It has come to mean being free of State oppression and political rule. Allowing people to go about their lives, un-harassed, and unhindered by those who believe they have the right to control, use, and abuse you. Well, they don’t. Fuck the police, indeed!

Nicky P

I'll be honest I think between the poetic license and the fact that these guys aren't native English speakers I'm not entirely sure what the hell he's going on about. I'm gonna go off of the title and some key words and phrases that i see in the lyrics that I'm on-board with the writer's thrust. Not a day goes by when i don't see a story about something terrible a cop did and most likely got away with. It's a travesty and the first act any serious criminal justice reformer needs to be pushing for is the destruction of qualified immunity. All citizens need to be accountable to the law. We can aim for full privatization on my time, lets start with something super effective and impossible.

Created By
Nicky P