Unwanted Visits Maya J.

We should respond to Human Trafficking because it's dehumanizing. It's dehumanizing because the people are there unwillingly, yet they are forced to do things that they don't want to do and things that are not in their character. Things that don't display the person that they really are on the inside, or the person they want to be.

We should respond to the Human Trafficking problem because the females that are being trafficked feel worthless, being trafficked and more than likely forced to engage in sexual activities, should not be the life of ANY female, young or old.

We should respond to Human Trafficking because it's basically slavery. Although slavery was supposedly abolished years ago, it clearly still exists. Therefor that is something that needs to stop.

We could Make advertisements go viral about the situation in order to respond to the problem. We could also have donations in order to help pay off the debt of what they owe.

In order to solve the trafficking problem we could get the females to escape with one of their "customers" who is really someone that we got to help us rescue the girls.

We could also get the females to be a little more open to the ones who genuinely want to help them and further more help to be rid the problem.


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