Final Project By: Evan Golden

Part 1: The Maze Runner

The First part of my Final Project involved getting my robot to sense itself to the center of a wooden maze using any means/ senses to do so.

This was the program used to navigate my bot through the maze.


What I learned

I learned how to select the best sensing tools to navigate through the max using a program. It also allowed me to test a new sensing tool known as the "touch sensor". I also learned how to build a robot to create least amount of friction/ avoid the wheels hitting walls, to avoid my robot being stopped.

Part 2: Speed Racer/ Fastest Robot

My robot used

Program Used


My video would not work, so I do not have a video to provide for part 2 of my final project.

What I learned

I learned how to use gears to make my robot travel as fast as possible, unlike my Sled Pull Project, in which i used gears to give my robot the most torque possible, to pull the most. This project taught me how to balance wheel spinning speed with enough torque to actually move the robot.

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Evan Golden


Evan Golden

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