Otzi's Untold Mystery wHo was the iceman?

Who was Iceman? How do you think he died?

You must be wondering who Otzi is, Otzi was a man who lived long before anyone you know, he lived during the copper age why do some call him "Iceman" well he was actually preserved in ice. Where he died at Otzal Alps, which is now around the border of Austria and Italy in Europe. Some other names for Otzi are Otzi the Iceman, Similaun Man, Frozen Fritz, Frozen Man. He was found on a mountain known for hikers by the tourists, Helmut and Erika Simon they found him. Scientist infer that he was born on 3300 BCE and died 5,300 years ago which is really, really, old.

What I think happened to Otzi

I think that Otzi may have been a sacrifice to the gods, Reinhard, a National Geographic explorer-in-residence is an expert on cultures of the Himalayas, Andes, and ritual sacrifices. He says that the arrow head wound could have been a murder... or it could have been by his own people to sacrifice him. He says that the iceman's remains were found between the two highest peaks in the Otzal Alps, this is the kind of place where mountain cultures make sacrifices for the mountain gods. He says people know that mountain worship was important in prehistoric Europe during the bronze age and there is good evidence it was still popular during the copper age which is when the Iceman lived. People raise the question of why he has a copper axe, but Reinhard believes the axe was put there after the iceman was dead as a ritual purpose. I think this theory has a lot of evidence and is quite possible because of how much faith existed towards different gods quite popular back in the Europe was mountain gods.

Other theories of Otzi's death

This theory also uses the arrow hit to back it up, they say that Otzi was attempting to fight an attacker for the last few hours of his life. They saw the arrowhead and they also found out from X-Rays that he had broken ribs, which raised the question "Were those ribs broken while he was alive... or after death?" Maybe he fell shortly after his death, the answer is unknown, yet we are still looking into this theory. People are quite unsure because he was trapped for nearly 5,000 years! There could have been a lot of wounds that were caused for all of this resting in the ice.

Some suggest he died trying to defend himself in a fight, this seems quite possible because there's proof that he was wounded on his wrist AND he was attacked by a flint arrow, so maybe he began to run after getting his wrist injured and then he was attempted to be shot at by the flint arrow, maybe he wasn't well this obviously led to him dying of hunger or thirst, but the theory doesn't support this instead it supports that he WAS shot and he didn't flee or get away. What happened after he got shot with that arrow in the shoulder well he simply bled to death, this seems like an unlikely part of this theory I mean he bleeds to death instead of being shot at again? Also, there was an arrow wound found which scientist also used to figure out he had the oldest blood cells but that's off topic. So he rapidly bled to death.

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