LMNOP Independent and Coming out swinging; ZacH Schwartz (LMNOP) is Los Angeles's producer to watch in 2019

2018 was a busy year for LMNOP and 2019 will be no different. With a loaded release schedule, LMNOP has already set the bar high. This year alone, The Los Angeles native has released records with the likes of Fat Tony, Joseph Luca, KILLSPENCER, Cody Johns and Jett Kwong. LMNOP also has music with Lando Chill and FINKEL coming out this summer. Nothing is stopping this young talent from being one of Los Angeles's most decorated and diverse producers. His music smoothly combines different genres and positive experiences he’s encountered throughout his life and offers listeners a unique blend of electronic, hip-hop, jazz, and pop for the modern music scene.

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LMNOP has always had a very personal relationship with music and the city of Los Angeles. As a self-taught instrumentalist and producer that grew up in the eclectic Los Angeles music scene, his sound is completely derivative of his hometown. With a catalog of independent releases, LMNOP is set to influence new listeners with exciting collaborations and solo releases throughout 2019. He aims to continue his purpose of inspiring creativity and playfulness in his listeners and representing his hometown of Los Angeles.

I was born and raised in Glendale California, but LA has continued to be my home. I never moved anywhere else. Maybe, it’s because I have a deep love and fascination for this crazy city. Despite having lived here my whole life I’m still discovering new things, meeting new people, and hearing new sounds every day. Everyone comes here to pursue their dreams and the hustle is real. - LMNOP
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After releasing two EPs in 2016, he has continued the momentum with five singles since, morsels of pop candy that work like a rush of blood to the head. - Kevin Bronson

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