Roman Emperors The Good, The Bad, The Ugly, and the Bloodthirsty

Titus was a fair emperor, despite a reputation of being mailicious and ruthless.

The Good: Titus (79-81 A.D.) was given power after the death of his father. He was cruel when leading his armies prior to ruling. However, when placed on the throne, he was a fair ruler. He also completed work on the Colosseum. Titus, because of his peaceful, short lived rule, did the most good for Rome.

Caesar is famous in today's world for his death.

The Bad: Julius Caesar (46 – 44 BC) began a new age for Rome. During his rule, he lead Rome to victory in a civil war. He also conquered Gaul. In doing this, however, he wasn't exactly kind. He waited for the troops at Gaul to die of dehydration, and then cut the hands off of any survivors. Caesar also angered many important people, and eventually this was his doom. He was killed by old enemies while in the Senate. Over all, Caesar was the gateway for many things to come.

Nero was best known for killing his mother, Agrippina.

The Ugly: Nero (54 – 68 AD) was put on the throne by his mother, who killed to make him king. He gave more power to the Senate, but that was one of the only good things he did during his reign. Nero would murder innocents at random, and was known to seduce married women or young boys. After his mother and tutor tried to control him, he decided that his mother had to go. His first attempt failed, and he was afterwards hated by the people. He eventually was able to kill his mother. This act of matricide made him a public enemy, and he fled from Rome in fear and committed suicide.

Caligula was, to put it bluntly, a terrible ruler.

The bloodthirsty: Caligula (37-41 A.D. )had a rough childhood, and it affected him greatly later in life. His mother was killed, and his brothers were executed. Caligula acted like a god, making officials kiss his feet. He also acted maliciously at random, once striking and killing a priest during a sacrificial ceremony. After returning from Gaul, he was killed by his advisors.

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