Snapchat should teens and kids use snapchat

A Description of Snapchat

Snaphchat is an mobile app that allows users to send and receive self-destructing photos and videos and these are called "Snaps". Snapchat also has a thing called "Streaks". Streaks are something when you have snapped that person everyday and you try to keep it going so you could get up to 200 hundred days. The 100 emoji pops up when you have hit hundred days. Snapchat has a thing called memories. It is a personalized album of your favorite snaps and stories. You can also has filters for your face that are funny and cute. One of them is a dog filter. Snapchat also has an my eyes only Which lets you have a password if you don't want only one seeing that photo.

This is the front cover of what Snapchat looks like.

These are two girls taking a selfie one Snapchat.

(A Problem and Solution)

One problem can be that the photos can be screenshoted and it can worry parents. And it could cause bullying and cyberbully. One way you can solve that is by to maybe let the person know that you screenshoted it or maybe just don't screenshot it all. Another problem is that when you save a photo memories Snapchat modifies it, and if it is a bad photo than Snapchat could log you out or lock your account. To solve this problem who be to no do bad photos or don't post anything bad.

That is one of the filters on Snapchat.
How to work and get on snapchat

First you download the app. Then you open the app. When you get on the app it will ask you to login or signup. If you have an account then you click login. If you don't have a account then you will click signup. Once you click signup it will ask you for your email and and password it will also ask you for your date of birth. If you are 13 or under you will need to lie about you age. After you have done that you will need to create a username. Then you will hit sign up or sign in. Once you sign in you can now add you friends and family.

(Cause and Effect)

You can always have fun on Snapchat, but sometimes bad things happen. What I mean by bad things is you can get permanently logged out like i did. What i mean by that is that they lock your account. What i also mean by good things can happen to is that you can have a lot of fun with your friends and family and have fun doing all the filters. When your is permanently locked you have to make a new account. So when you get logged out you got to make a new one because your other one is locked. As a result you have to add all your friends back and start new streaks.

These are some reasons why your account can get locked
Compare and Contrast

Instagram is becoming more similar to Snapchat. On Instagram you can post photos, but you can't post photos and cannot get likes on them. They are alike because on Instagram and on Snapchat you can post stories for people to look at. On Instagram you can go live but it is different on Snapchat you can't go live. On Snapchat you can look at like MTV and other things like that, but you can't do that stuff on Instagram. On Instagram you can send photos to your friends in (DMS)= Direct Message. But on the other hand you can't do that on Snapchat. Both of them you can create group chats and text on them.

Which one would you choose


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