A Letter to My Younger Self QUINN LAVIGNE '17

Dear 18 year old Quinn,

Before you read the rest of this, I want you to stop and take a minute to be thankful for where you are and where you're going.

Congratulations! You're heading to Smith College in the fall. Be excited. Be nervous. Be curious. The next four years will be like nothing you can ever imagine. There will definitely be some lows, but just wait. Those lows will push you to grow and change in ways that will bring you to some unbelievable highs. Right now, you may be losing a team, but in a few short months, you'll be gaining a family.

Walking onto campus the first time you’ll probably be intimidated and a bit overwhelmed. It’s OK if you get lost finding class in Seelye -- no one really knows their way around. But do get to know the campus and the people. Find a favorite study spot, walk through the gardens, get to know the CC Cafe staff, find a good napping spot, and find the free coffee. Whatever you do in your four years at Smith, enjoy it. Yes, you will spend most of your time reading or meeting for group projects, but don’t forget to take breaks and be thankful.

When you’re not studying, sleeping, or eating, you’ll be spending time on and off the field with your second family. The Smith Lacrosse team is ready to welcome you into the fold. They’ll be there, in your room, at 6:01 when you oversleep for that 6am practice. They’ll show you how to time your registration just right to *hopefully* beat the inevitable BannerWeb crash. They’ll let you borrow a thermometer when your brain is on fire and your mom isn’t there to help. But they’ll also see you through the best.

The small things, like apple picking on Mountain Day, eating lunch on chapin lawn, and getting a good grade on a test. And the big things, like securing that coveted summer internship, breaking old school records, and (soon than you think) entering into the real world, job and all. You’ll never be able (or want) to forget the bonds between this family.

Right now you still have 4 years of Smith ahead of you. Take another breath, take a look around, and go tell Mom you love her.



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