Hunter Book Review By aaron,mms

This Book is Full of Action and Adventure

Have you ever wanted to be a superhuman? In this book you will see what it`s like to

be one. In the book Hunter by Michael Carroll, Lance wanted peace and quiet, but Max didn’t like that. So he ran away to find a new life and a lot of peace and quiet from Max.

Max reads everyone`s mind 90% of the time about 85% of the day. However my favorite part was when they set a trap in their own headquarters (HQ). They set a trap in their own HQ so they could capture some criminals that could possibly destroy the whole universe

In addition to this book, respect everyone and think about your actions before you do them. Give everyone some respect and they will give you some respect back.

Even though some people are bullies because they don’t care at all. The book is mostly Action and Adventure. Eventually there is a lot of explosions (Action) and Lance runs away to start a new life (Adventure).

There are some dramatic scenes like the death of (you will have to find out) on the battlefield. People who like Action and Adventure would love this because there’s a lot of intense fights, explosions and moments.

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