The Venus Flytrap By Teagan

The Venus flytrap is a very interesting plant. These are a few things I would like you to know because it could help in the future life time. The Venus flytrap is the best plant to get ride of your pests and insects living in your house.

There are 3 important parts of the plant that you would like to know about because f your ever hurt by one you know what hurt you. These parts are the trigger hairs(as shown in this picture), the cilia, and the body. How these parts work is the insect needs to touch the trigger hairs which closes when are slightly touched. Then the cilias close and don't open until it is sure that the insect is dead.

A few other interesting facts about Venus flytrap is the conversation status is vulnerable. There order is Caryophyllales. It's rank is of course species. There regular classification is Dionaea. But the weird thing is the Venus flytrap has a scientific classifications too. There kingdom: Plantae, Clade: Angiosperms, Clade: Eudicots, family: Droseraceae, and their species are D. Muscipula.

Venus flytrap as a bunch.

Now for the did you know! Did you know tha the only place in the world, the Venus flytrap grows wild is on the south and North Carolina shores.


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