Nucleic Acid The most important BIomolEcuLe

What is Nucleic acid?

Nucleic acids are found in all living things on earth. There are two forms of nucleic acid some of these are DNA and RNA. Nucleic acid is what programs the bodyl.

Who discovered nucleic acids?

Friedrich Miescher a Swiss scientist discovered nucleic acids on 1868.

What does it look like?

DNA is in the shape of a double helix and DNA is one half of a double helix.

What does it do for our body?

Necleic acids are the basic instructions for everything that goes on in the body. Nucleic acids are the code that that body runs on. Without nucleic acids life would not be possible.

How is it used?

DNA and rna are read by the body through 3 codons. These codons act like letters and when put into groups of three act like words. The cell uses these sentences to create proteins.

Where is it?

Nucleic acid is found in the center of the nucleus.


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