the path to the present Jacob faber

Youth Even as a kid my parents took me to church and dropped me off in sunday school. When I was young I never thought that the things my parents did was helpful or even meaningful so i struggled to obey them or submit my “precious time” to them. Every sunday they would walk me downstairs to the children's area, i would stay here while they went off to there own class. The sunday school at my church was a fun place, i colored, played with legos and ate goldfish. That small class room covered in drawings and paper crafts was where i met on of my best friends, Scott had black hair and glasses and he seemed to always be there when i was. Once i was about six years old my parents let me come upstairs to what we called “big church” or what i would later call the sanctuary. Saintandrews church is a contemporary church which means the sermons consisted of a long two hour lecture on a small passage. For a grown young adult like i am now this is a perfect way to study and learn but for a small child it was like a powerful sleeping spell that you couldn't escape. The only thing that i was concerned about while sitting there coloring on the back of the worship guide was what the big kids were doing or in other words the Youth Group. The youth group at our church is for kids from six to twelfth grade, when i was still too young my sister was just the right age. In her first year as a youth she was able to go on their annual spring break trip, that year was a trip to disney world and i thought it was so unfair that she was able to go and i wasn't. Seeing how awesome the youth group was only fueled the burning desire to be a part of this mysterious group of big kids. When i was in fifth grade i meet another one of the most important people in my life. Me and will were both still to young to be in the youth group but when i invited him to come for the first time i had to impress him by saying that we could hang out with the big kids in the youth area. So that night when my grandma picked us up in her red honda mini van we went over our plan to get into the sap shacks, these poorly maintained portable shacks that had a bunch of video games and couches in them. “Ok so first we'll get our dinner in the to go boxes, then when no one is looking we can sneak out the backdoor and make our way down the parking lot and get inside the game shack. My sister and her friends will be there and we an sit with her and pretended to be with her if anyone asks.” i said to will as we pulled into our grandmas usual parking spot. Once me and will had arrived in the shack we saw my sister sitting with her friends and walked over to her. Without saying anything we sat down and started to eat our meatloaf. The front door to the shack stayed open so everyone could just walk in and out when they wanted, and at about the same time we sat down to our meal, he walked threw the door. Mathew rings was the youth pastor at that time he was this tall guy with short brown hair and he wanted to be james bond more than anything else in the whole would. The moment his foot crossed the threshold my heart dropped to the bottom of my stomach and i realized that if he saw us he would surely kick us out. Matt walked over to me and will and said “hey guys, i'm Matt.”, I said “hey matt im jake and this is will” , “welcome to the youth group” matt said while beaming from ear to ear. At that moment i knew that i was finally a part of something bigger that me something important and cool. I was in the youth group.

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