Wolfsbloem Innovation in interaction, with technology & performance arts

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Wolfsbloem connects performance arts and technology, through interaction design. All projects are fascinated by human bodies, bodily movement and expressivity. Each project starts from an artistic point of view and from there it develops in two directions:

  • artistic concept and performance
  • product and/or service

Both paths strengthen each other in opportunities for further development and financial funding.

The use of freedom in art and aim for artistic outcomes leads to a great opportunity: the arise of products and services that are unrelated to conventional existing ones.

Wolfsbloem encourages society to embrace art and culture, while benefiting from the outcomes. Both artistically and for use.

Wolfsbloem was founded on 1 January 2017, by Fleur Leloup.


UniTie, in progress

Sketch: Yaël van Engelen


Physical sound manipulation game for movement play in group settings

UniTie is a physical game, in which a group of people through group movements manipulates soundscapes. Leaving out competitiveness, focussing on collaboration and creation. An interactive social game in development.

In collaboration with:

With support of:

Initiate, 2016

Photography: Haluk Can Yasan (up), Jean Blom (down)


Movement and light choreography

"One way to go, no let’s take the other way. Right or left? Straight ahead, don’t stop. Or turn around, but, don’t, stop. Wait here. Does waiting demand for standing stil? And what is the meaning of standing stil? That we stop or is it just a break? And if it’s a break, doesn’t it mean that we stop temporarily? Let’s wait. No let’s move again."

In collaboration with:

  • Lisanne Wouters (dancer, choreographer)
Decelerated Acceleration, 2016

Decelerated Acceleration

Movement Project

"Forces. In opposite directions. Forces to start moving. Or to stagnate. Forces to forge ahead. Or to get stopped. Tensions we don’t see and tensions we see. Or think to see. Tensions from outside. Or inside. Or both. We activate, or brake."

In collaboration with:

  • Sophie van Grinsven (dancer, choreographer)
  • Manon Sloos (dancer)

Performed at:

  • Over de IJssel-Landgoed Marathon, Deventer (2016)
  • Showcase ESDV Footloose - Verkadefabriek Den Bosch (2016)
Turning Points, 2016

Turning Points

Light Installation

The installation consists of three copper pipes and several light particles that move in swarms. This installation brings the opportunity to have a close look at the behaviour of these specific swarms, in which light particles move together, guided by an invisible force.

When the lights are dimmed or off the light particles become visible, moving over the pipes. Each light particle has its own attraction characteristics which causes different movements, but all move together as a swarm in the same direction. This direction turns every time they reach the top or bottom of the pipe.


Founder - Interaction Designer - Movement Artist

I found out I am endlessly fascinated by movement and all kinds of interactions in which the human body is involved.

As a youngster my love for performance arts started growing. I became a fanatical dancer, especially in modern dance. And this is where my fascination for physical movement and expression started. After a pre-education in dance I started looking for new forms of using this passion. I found these new challenges in technology, at the department of Industrial Design, Eindhoven University of Technology. And that caused me to end up becoming a creator focussing on interaction design with the performance arts involved.

At this point I am exploring and inventing the world of physical experiences of the human body with bodily movement involved. I am looking for opportunities in design, where technology and performance arts strengthen each other, and which bring abstract expressions and stories to life. New experiences that cause human responses, physically and emotionally. This is what drives me every day and in every project. A human body is wonderful, and we can make use of that.

Fleur Leloup



Created By
Fleur Leloup

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