KateLynn's Goals Project English 2. Period 2

My Semester Goal

By the end of the semester, I will have at least a C in Spanish by studying my vocab more, turning in my homework on time, and coming in before or after school to get help if I am struggling.

My English Goal

In English I will turn all my homework in on time, get at least a B on all my test and quizzes, and earn an A in the class.

List of how I will achieve this_

  • After school I will go home and do my homework before I do anything else.
  • If I have any missing or absent work I will come in for EOP to get caught up.
  • If I know that we are having a test coming up I will study for it more.

My High School Goal

In High school I will have my first job and car. To accomplish this goal I will apply for jobs, and be more responsible so they will want to hire me. In order to get my car I will open a savings account and put money aside to start saving for the car.

My After High School Goal

After High school I will go to college, but I am not sure which one I want to attend. To meet this goal I will have to keep up my grades and GPA so they will accept me. I will also continue doing marching and concert band because that looks good on my college applications. After I get accepted to a college I will get a degree in Nursing.

My Personal Growth Goal

As a person I will grow by building stronger relationships with people. I will also start to figure out who I am as a person and who my real friends are. I will not be afraid to come out of my comfort zone. I don't want to play everything safe anymore.

List of how I will achieve this_

  • I will be a more understanding nicer person.
  • I will find someone I can trust and talk to about everything.
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