Sustainability Coordinator Creating a SUSTAINABLE future begins in our own town

Sustainability Coordinator Project

In the Spring, residents of both Sherborn and Holliston voted overwhelming to hire a Sustainability Coordinator. The Sherborn position is under danger of being watered down. We ask for your support at the next select board meeting.

  • Thursday, Sept 12, 2019 7:00 p.m.
  • Sherborn town hall.

Congratulations Sherborn on passing Aricle 26: To Hire a Part-time Sustainability Coordinator! 126-23

What is a Sustainability Coordinator?

A Sustainability Coordinator would engage in a wide range of activities focused on reducing our carbon footprint and strengthening our responses to addressing the vulnerabilities inherent in a changing climate situation.

Our neighbor Sherborn just created a position. Additionally, 30 towns in our area have or share a Sustainability Coordinator.

Why is this important?

Climate change is a huge challenge. Climate scientists tell us we need to reduce carbon emissions by 50% in the next twelve years, and entirely by 2050, in order to avoid the most dangerous effects of climate disruption.

We can all make a difference.

Every individual, every organization, and every branch of government will need to help with this project, for the safety of ourselves and our children. We are proposing that we, as a town, prioritize the transition to energy sustainability by creating a staff position to focus on this because we care; we care about our families and our future.

What are the cost and benefits?

We are proposing a half-time position, with benefits, which would cost about $39,000. Reporting from other towns universally indicates that these positions save and bring in money to the towns, with reported ‘returns on investment’ between 4 and 8 times the salaries and wages put into the position. That means spending $39,000 now could bring in $124,000 to $284,000 in additional money for projects to benefit our Town

What would a Sustainability Coordinator do for our town?

That would depend on the priorities of the town. Sustainability coordinators in other towns have:

  • Significantly reduced energy costs to their towns through infrastructure projects such as installing energy efficient systems, solar arrays, and LED lighting.
  • Improved electricity aggregation (block purchase of electricity) plans to include more clean energy while saving residents money.
  • Improved recycling and trash reduction; initiated water reclamation projects.
  • Secured grants and incentives for sustainability projects.
  • Tracked and reported on town and residential energy use and energy reduction.
  • Organized residential projects such as MassSave audits, Solarize programs, and composting, saving money for residents while reducing the town’s carbon emissions.
  • Organized public forums and educational events.

Check out the Sustainability Coordinator Panel from April, 4th below!

Brought to you by Holliston and Sherborn residents, members of the Upper Charles Climate Action Node of 350 Massachusetts.

Who are we?

We are concerned citizens of towns in the upper Charles River area*; students, sons, daughters aunts, uncles, parents and grandparents; working and retired. As we share our commitment and support one another’s efforts, we are becoming a team of friends. We welcome as new team members anyone who is eager to work collaboratively for a healthy climate.

* Ashland, Holliston, Hopkinton, Milford, Sherborn

To learn more about the Upper Charles Climate Action Node check us out on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, or sign up to be on our mailing list!


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