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Why LifeWorks?

LifeWorks Health and Neuroscience is a first of its kind, evidence-based program dedicated solely to optimizing brain health. We are not a spa nor a wellness resort designed to pamper. Our unique, all-inclusive, multi-day program is 100% evidence-based and targets the key factors that have been proven by years of peer-reviewed, published research to be responsible for enhanced brain fitness and performance.

Where is LifeWorks located?

We are located on the Shields River in southeast Montana. A scenic 45 minute drive from the Bozeman Yellowstone International Airport that currently services non-stop flights to 17 cities in the United States with connections all over the world. We are a 20 minute drive to historic Livingston and located near Paradise Valley where the Yellowstone River gently rolls through it. And Yellowstone National Park, our nations first national park, is an 90 minute drive through breathtaking Montana landscape.

The LifeWorks Lodge on the Shields River

Our intimate, 10-bedroom authentic Montana lodge is located on the Shields River and offers our guests cozy accommodations, healthy and delicious meals, friendly and accommodating professional staff, and magnificent Rocky Mountain vistas. All of our guest rooms are private, can accommodate spouses or partners, and have king size beds and ensuite baths.

LifeWorks Lodge on the Shields River

How many days is the program?

Currently, we offer a Monday through Friday program, with arrival mid-day on Monday and departure late morning on Friday. We are happy to assist you with flight information and offer suggestions for transportation options to and from the lodge.

What is the LifeWorks Brain Fitness System®

LifeWorks’ Brain Fitness System® is designed to improve the brain’s fitness, performance and overall health of the brain. Our guests learn the latest brain science, habit management, brain powered nutrition, mindfulness practice, and a host of other tools to support optimal brain health.

What are the key benefits of the program?

Neither age nor genetics predetermine your brain’s health. Keeping your brain healthy as you age is achievable. The LifeWorks Brain Fitness System® teaches and empowers positive lifestyle changes that improve brain health and fitness and can help reduce the risk for brain disease such as Alzheimers or Dementia.

Neuroplasticity and what you need to know. It all starts in the brain. Every thought, sensation, feeling, heartbeat and breath begins in the brain. Every moment, experience, relationship and achievement is directly affected by the health of the brain. The brain is constantly changing. Neuroplasticity, often referred to as brain plasticity, is the brain's ability to change at any age. The LifeWorks Brain Fitness System® helps promote neuroplasticity and improves overall brain health.

Brain Training with the LifeWorks Brain Fitness System®. At LifeWorks, we train brains to be more effective and efficient. Our guests learn about brain healthy food, how much physical exercise is needed to boost brain function, how to improve your sleep and reduce stress through mindfulness and meditation, and participate in yoga basics that improve strength, flexibility and foster your mind and body’s natural flow. The LifeWorks Brain Fitness System also includes Neurofeedback, a non-invasive brain training tool that increases cognitive fitness and performance.

Nature is our classroom and Mother Nature is the teacher. We believe it’s healthier and more fun to learn while outside enjoying beautiful Montana. Science has proven that fresh air and connecting with nature boosts cognitive learning and bolsters attention and retention.

Habit Coaching. Better habits lead to better thinking, better decisions making and better performance which result in better overall health and a happier, better, more joyful life.

What are the LifeWorks program tools?

  • LifeWorks App - Healthy Conditioning Programs, Yoga Routines, Habit Tracking, Brain Healthy Recipes, Nutritional Tracking, and How-To Videos
  • Habit Journal - A daily, weekly and monthly journal to support small changes that lead to healthy habits.
  • Brain Healthy Card Deck - Think of flash cards, but more fun and good for the brain.
  • MIND Kitchen Nutritional Guide and Cookbook - The fundamentals of the Enhanced MIND Diet with easy to prepare neuro-nutrition recipes and pantry stocking tips.
  • Neurofeedback -  Non-invasive brain training that increases cognitive fitness and performance.

Does LifeWorks offer corporate or group retreats?

Yes, LifeWorks is a great opportunity for your next corporate meeting, retreat, and group or individual incentive trips. Call or email us today and let us help you with your group planning or employee incentive program.

844-480-4440 or TheBrainGuides@whylifeworks.com

“My key takeaways from the LifeWorks program are education, enlightenment, application and enjoyment…The accommodations were superb—comfortable and unpretentious yet first class all the way. The food was absolutely delicious and plentiful. The staff was extraordinarily accommodating and friendly. The recreational activities provided were relaxing and beneficial… I was educated and enlightened….(and) learned more about the mind and how it functions.” Bob P.

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