Mountain View Adventist College Term 1 Week 8

Principal's Message

The Covid-19 virus continues to be a concern for the community at large, and we are committed to supporting students and families as we work within the advice of the Federal and State Governments, along with the health experts of our nation.

Our school will remain open, although the style of learning may change. If we are directed to cease face-to-face learning by the Government, we will remain open and learning will continue through the MVAC Learning@Home program that is currently being designed using both direct digital means and self-directed learning tasks. Years 7-12 students will access learning through SEQTA and Office 365 Teams, while Prep to Year 6 students will utilise online learning platforms such as Study Ladder and Mathletics, along with some flexible project based learning at home.

I encourage you to send your children to school if they are well and make the most of learning with their peers. We do not have any cases of Covid-19 within our student or staff community to date. Like other organisations, we do have students and staff members who have self-isolated for various reasons including travel.

We will support as best we can those that are in periods of self-isolation or quarantine, but regular school is where our main effort currently exists. We are very grateful for our teachers and school staff who are keeping students focused on their learning while carefully monitoring their wellbeing and sense of safety.

These are truly uncertain times and we continue to be updated on a regular basis by the Association of Independent Schools NSW. This afternoon the Education Council of Australia announced that NAPLAN will not proceed in 2020 so that schools can “focus on the wellbeing of students and continuity of education, including potential online and remote learning.”

Be assured that your children, our staff and Mountain View as a community are central to our planning, our decision making and our efforts to provide safety, security and ongoing learning for all students in our care. God bless you and enjoy time with your family this weekend.

Mrs Julia Heise


Chapel of the Future

During Australia’s current social climate being impacted by the COVID-19 crisis, it means that our weekly chapel gatherings have to look a little different. Taking this challenge on, we as chaplains had the opportunity to look at chapels in a new way. This week, chapel was held in individual homeroom class groups via the gift of technology.

Pre-recorded praise & worship, ice-breakers, messages and questions with discussion opportunities were brought to the homerooms. Junior school discovered the story of Noah, Middle school journeyed with Paul and Seniors unpacked Peter's story.

What a blessing it is to work in a school that the staff wholeheartedly believe in the mission and purpose, our teachers were troopers, taking on the challenge with us, and working with their home rooms to help engage in discussion and spiritual growth of our students.

Yes, there were challenges and lessons were learnt along the way but we are excited to build upon what was, take on feedback and make next weeks chapel even better. Each day looks a little different and each day we need to shift perspective and think creatively but in all of the change we know that the God we serve is consistent, and in His consistency there is no fear of the unknown for His perfect love casts all fear away and His light illuminates our next steps.

Kindy learn their ‘camera’ words

Learning words while outside is a fun way to learn, and this is what Kindy were doing for a lesson this week. Thank you Kindy teachers for making learning engaging!

HSC Drama

HSC Drama students put their individual projects on display this week. They included three costume designs in progress, one script and three monologues. Good luck to our first ever Drama HSC students!

Hooray for Teacher Aides

Students in Prep – Year 6 are supported in their learning by Teacher Aides, wonderful people who give extra support in literacy and numeracy.

Year 8 Science

Year 8 is studying different organ systems as part of their study of Biological Science. They used balloons to estimate their lung capacity while studying the respiratory system and investigated density of nerves in various parts of the body as part of the nervous system. Just another way we’re striving to make Science fun and relevant.

House Volleyball Competition

While external sport has been cancelled for now, our students are still enjoying sport at school, washing their hands before and after games. Heath won the Middle School Boys Competition, while the girls are still in their preliminary games. It is wonderful to see students refereeing and scoring the games. Leadership in action!

CSSA State Volleyball Gala Day

On the 11th of March MVAC competed at the CSSA State Volleyball Gala Day. Mountain View entered a Senior Mixed (boys and girls) Team which competed against 16 other Christian Schools from around the State in this division. Throughout the day MVAC was extremely competitive and displayed great sportsmanship. Sadly though, our day finished with a very close loss in the Semi-Finals where MVAC finished the day equal third. I would like to thank all those who competed in the day, representing in such a positive manner, even with a heart breaking loss in the Semi Finals.

Mr Jensen

Around the School

2Z had a wonderful time finding 2D shapes in their environment.
In 1F, we love reading, especially to our class pet Lylah.
KH- This week Junior School celebrated our weekly Chapel with a difference, online! Students were delighted to see Pr Hope via our projection screens sharing a very important message about Noah and peace. The students were still able to worship and participate in some hands on activities like building an alter. It is important in these times to remember the following verse and to have peace in our hearts " So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand." - Isaiah 41:10

Harmony Day

Mountain View celebrated Harmony day on Friday 20 March with students wearing cultural dress or orange, turning the College into a sea of colour. Harmony Day is a special day where we can promote the diversity and acceptance of each others culture with the essence being 'Everyone Belongs'. It has been amazing to hear the stories behind the different cultural costumes and the conversations about heritage, culture and community. The large scale Harmony Day events planned for the day have been postponed until later in the year, this is a chance for everyone to learn some more national recipes and perfect their cultural dances and performances.


School Fees

School fees for the Term are overdue. If you have not yet made a payment please contact the office on (02) 9622 2424 to discuss fees for your child/children. Thank you to those who have paid their fees for this Term.

Year 7-12 Seqta Learn and Engage

We hope that you have been enjoying Seqta Learn (for students) and Seqta Engage (for parents). Having access to student work, assessment tasks and marks helps make learning visible and helps students take responsibility for their own learning. With many students continuing their learning at home, it is important that you connect with Seqta so you can have access to the work, worksheets, videos, links and tasks that teacher’s assign.

Mobile phone apps are available free of charge for both Apple and Android phones. Be sure to download Seqta Learn for student accounts and Seqta Engage for parent accounts. Having a Seqta app on your phone will maximise your Seqta experience.

If you have children in Years 7-12 and have not yet set up your Seqta account, please email Mrs Paul (Kelly.Paul@mvac.adventist.edu.au) for a welcome email and instructions to set up your account. A current email address needs to be on file with the office before Seqta access can be given, so please contact the office to update your email address if it has recently changed.

For those who are using Seqta, we hope that you are enjoying the experience.