Reaching Professors in Indianapolis Jenny & John Karraker with FACULTY COMMONS/CRU

Almost everything in our culture flows DOWNSTREAM from the University. And so it just makes sense to try to influence professors. This is why we believe God has called us to give the best hours of our days to reaching faculty with the Christian message. Here is our story.

As full time missionary staff of Cru (formerly Campus Crusade for Christ) we served for 28 years in the Philadelphia area reaching out to teenagers. Here we are on a cool fall evening near New Hope, PA. In 2008 we felt called to move to Orlando to work in staff development for Cru's high school ministry.

After serving at the Cru World Headquarters for 3 years we moved back to the campus in 2012 to reach out to faculty. Our initial assignment was to the University of Central Florida, now one of the largest universities in the country.

Fountain and main administration building on the east Orlando campus of UCF

Married 43 years and with four grown daughters, we are able to work full-time as partners together reaching faculty as a part of a local campus ministry team.

One of the many ways we reach professors is through new faculty welcome events. Here is Jenny at UCF greeting a new biology professor.

Here is our friend Jeff, a UCF professor, welcoming a new faculty member to campus.

Thank-a-Prof provides us with the opportunity to "bless" professors we have not yet met. Students write thank you notes which we hand deliver. We seek to engage these new acquaintances in gospel conversations.

"A Common Call" is a conference for Christian faculty. By coming together for training and encouragement, professor ministry gains momentum and expands to new campuses. Our February 2019 conference in Gainesville, FL hosted professors from 11 campuses.

Ministry skills training helps to equip Christian professors to reach students and colleagues.

Jenny & John Karraker

As campus missionaries with Cru, we are seeking to reach professors with the Christian message who in turn influence thousands of students each year. Having studied and taught ourselves, we feel equipped to enter into friendships with these professors, encourage them in their work, pray for them and as the Lord allows, mobilize them toward campus evangelism. As we begin again in Indianapolis your partnership is important to us. Help us declare the GRANDER STORY of God's love and forgiveness on campus. We enjoy what we do and would love to tell you more about our adventures in full-time ministry.

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