"If a child can't learn the way we teach, maybe we should teach the way they learn." (Ignacio Estrada) MOtto

What do I think this motto means? From my experiences I have seen students struggle in many subjects and have issues in other things in school. I feel not all students learn the same and we need to assess all students and use strategies that work best on each student. Diverse learners all have their way of thinking and I have seen teachers not care on their cultural background and how it affects the way a student learns. Out of the 3 teachers I observed only 1 had strategies that work for all students. She taught them by visually, hands on and auditory. What I like the most that she used hands on and small groups that allow the students to ask more questions and sometimes the other students will help the students who are having difficulty. I as a future educator will follow some tips I learned from that particular teacher and I really think the students learned more and enjoyed learning and weren't bored.

Special Education and inclusive school teaching is important because you need to know the laws of special education, if not you can get in trouble and lose your career. IDEA and the Vocational Rehabilitation Act improved the opportunities for all people with disabilities. This is make sure all students with disabilities will receive the appropriate education through special education and other related services. There are many services that can be offered to the student and us as educators need to determine what is the best service for the individual. We also need to develop an Individualized Education Program (IEP) to help provide the best education program for each student and help meet their goals to help them succeed in life as an individual with special needs.

Teaching Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Exceptional Students (CLDE): Teaching students from different cultures can be a challenge but can also be a lesson to teach all teachers. We as educators need to teach children about equality, justice and human dignity. Understanding cultural characteristics will help you understand the starting point for the student's behaviors and learning styles. Learning styles are important because thats how the student will learn better. There are some general questions that can help you learn about their culture which includes time, space, dress and food, rituals and ceremonies, work, leisure, etc. "The goal of multicultural education is to change the structure of schools so that students from different cultural groups have an equal chance to achieve in school." (Vaughn) Second language learners is another obstacle for children to face but with the help of the teacher it overcome it. As a future educator always keep in mind about the students differences and the support the student needs.

Promoting social acceptance and managing student behavior: It helped me learn positive behavior support for effective classroom management. This means schools should make individualized interventions that can occur within a coordinated schoolwide system. Talk to the students about the school wide positive behavior support which can help reduce the negative behaviors and increase positive behaviors. I learn to always stay positive and reinforce positive behavior, by providing activities for students, adult approval by recognizing the positive behavior equally to the negative behaviors, give the students some privileges and make them learn how to be positive and stay out of trouble. The teacher I observe was always positive and would never raise her voice which was very interesting for me. Even though the teacher would not yell the students were always on their best behavior. When one student miss behave she would not direct it in a negative point but redirect it to a positive behavior.

Response to intervention: is a instructional model to prevent learning difficulties in the early grades. RTI are used to help the students learn at their own pace with some help. RTI are done before they move the student to another classroom for example a self contain classroom. RTI are good because it helps the student and the teacher understand where the student is having difficulty. Some components are screening the progress of the student, help implement effective classroom instructional practices to give them an equal opportunity to learn. "RTI addresses numerous challenges associated with past procedures for supporting student learning and identifying students with learning disabilities." (Vaughn)

Communicating and Collaborating with other Professionals and Families: "The increasing diversity in our classrooms, including English language learners, students with disabilities , And students who are gifted, requires collaboration with other professionals and the families of students"(Vaughn) Acceptance, effective listening, appropriate questioning, and focus are some communication skills in the effective collaboration. You work with other adults to help provide the best education for the students. I notice the teacher would work closely with her assistants and with some of the regular education teacher to help come up with the best strategies.

websites or apps for teachers: www.atozteacherstuff.com, www.teachers.net, www.2;scholastic.com, www.teachersfirst.com. www.quizlet.com After observing the teachers I notice most of them used quizlet to help them take test after lesson. Quizlet is a good and effective way quiz the students to help them understand their information better. One of the teachers used atozteacherstuff.com which gave good information but was kind of a little to advance for her students. www.uniquelearningsystem.com is another app that one of the teachers used to help get her lessons to the level of the students. It provided great detail to teach it to the classroom and it included all subjects. I tried the unique learning system and I found it easy to use and was offered in different levels depending on the students ability.

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