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Luxury Albums are the Client favorite for displaying your art
Black Alligator Leather cover upgrade on LBBB and Acrylic Ice Block


Art is such a personal thing. The art that we adorn our homes with is a visual indication of who we are inside, what sparks us at our core, beauty admired, places traveled to or dream to... but what if those pieces of art weren't only an extension of you... instead the art pieces were you! I create truly one-of-a-kind art that showcase the beauty of you in these elegant, unique and timeless pieces.

Acrylic Ice Block, perfect for a desk or nightstand
Little Black Boudoir Book

E E N E Y Collection 3500

valued at 5100, you got great taste!

  • The Luxury Album, premium cover options, 12x12, 12 spreads/24 pages featuring 30 your favorite images
  • Full set of High-Resolution Digitals
  • Vivid Acrylic or Legacy Metal Wall Art in 24x36
  • Private Show Mobile App Gallery
  • A Creative Shoot Booking Fee to use within the coming year

M E E N Y Collection 2300

  • The Heirloom Box holding complete Fine Art Gallery of favorites in 4x6 OR The 8x8 Leather Album featuring 20 images for an additional 100
  • Legacy Metal Wall Art in 16x24
  • Acrylic Ice Block set of three in 4x6

M I N E Y Collection 1700

  • Fine Art mounted prints, 12 favorites in 8x12 with display easel
  • Peephole Retro Viewfinder & Fun Reel
  • Private Show Mobile App of 20 chosen images

M O E Collections 800+

MOST POPULAR | boutique digital collections

High-resolution digital files, on a boutique USB presented with a full Print Release

*special bonus! matching Private Show Mobile App Gallery*

  • Full Fine Art Gallery of digital files 1900 on Jeweled Heart USB
  • 17 Fine Art digital files 1600 on Crystal USB
  • 8 Fine Art digital files 800 on Corked Glass Bottle USB

A la carte

Any of the following may be purchased in addition to an exclusive collection with no minimum or purchased outside of a collection in any combination, with a 500 minimum

  • The Boudoir Album, choice of leathers, 8x8, 12 spreads, 24 pages, up to 20 images, 1500 (bonus 150 a la carte credit)
  • The Heirloom Box, an unbound album holds Fine Art Gallery of your favorites in 4x6 prints 1500
  • Metal Legacy Wall Art 16x24 400, 24x36 600
  • Fine Art Mounted Prints 8x12 with easel, 3 for 300, 12 for 900
  • Little Black Boudoir Book, black linen cover 5x7, 7 images 750
  • Peephole Retro Viewfinder in black or white and one Fun Reel with 7 images and one centerfold 250, extra reel 25
  • Acrylic Ice Block, 4x6, horizontal or vertical layout 250
  • Private Show Mobile App Gallery for viewing option of top 10 favorite images on any smart device 300, 250 for each additional 10 images

* Album Upgrades

Album Size Upgrade by 2x2 inch increase 400

Cover Material of your choice 75

Crystal Image Album Cover 250

5x5 Companion Album 500

Album Image Add-Ons

  • 3 images added for 250
  • 7 images added for 500
  • 10 images added for 700
  • all of your favorites images added for 1200
Private Show Mobile App Gallery

Legacy Wall Art comes in a choice of Vivid Acrylic or Contemporary Metal ready-to-hang. Design a collage to relive your experience daily.

Make a statement with a large piece of wall art!
Fine Art Mounted Prints, display on an easel, can be framed or simply Command Strip to the wall.
Groom's Gift Albums

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all images are Copyrighted by Holly Nichols

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Sorry Charlie, all sales final, no refunds due to the custom nature of the product & service, Prices subject to change without notice.

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