Can Jesus help us when we start at a new school? Theme three: temptation

Theme Three: Temptation

Just what exactly is temptation and why should we be strong? Temptation is the desire to do something, especially something that is wrong or unwise. The world may tell us that if it feels good we should do it... its all about you and its your life. BUT - just pause for a second and think. If what I want would upset someone, should I do it/have it? It isn't as simple as if I want it, I have it. Somethings that we want are simply not good for us - I am thinking here especially of money or 'things' we 'want' and buy with money! If that is what we are wanting all the time, then we run the risk of forgetting about the things that really matter such as our friends and family. Another example may be of making fun of someone because they don't want to do the things you do - it may be fun for you while you bait them, but imagine how they may feel. You could be the one who makes them very sad and give them very poor memories of school. No one really wants to be that person - and I'm sure you don't. So how do we know we're being tempted and what can we do to stop ourselves making the wrong decision? One other thing - EVERYONE is tempted to do the wrong thing from time to time. You are NOT alone in this! Even Jesus was tempted, so you are in good company.

1. Most of us have a pretty good idea of what is right and what is wrong - it sort of is part of us. Jesus tells us that following his way is the right thing to do. Jesus always looked to God when tempted - he prayed and he remembered bits from the Bible. We can do the same.

2. If you think something is wrong - there is probably a reason you are thinking it; it probably is. Talk to someone about what you are thinking about and try to work it out. Remember that you want to do the 'right' thing - try and work out what that is. It won't be hurting someone for sure, and that includes hurting yourself (e.g. temptation to ditch the homework only leaves you not knowing something!).

2. The thing is that wrong thoughts (or as the Bible often calls them, evil thoughts) begin as thoughts, but then if we keep thinking on them they can grow to actions and actions if repeated become habits and habits if not dealt with become our personality.

THINK before you act and speak!

T - is what you are going to say or do a True thing to say or do

H - is what you are going to say or do Helpful?

I - is what you are going to say or do Inspiring?

N - is what you are going to say or do Necessary? Sometimes we need to do things for peoples own good - think about that verse about friends sharpening each other.

K - is what you are going to say Kind?


One good way to avoid temptation is to pray. Praying brings you closer to Jesus and you will be better at knowing what is the right thing to do. Another thing you can do is ask yourself, would Jesus be pleased with this thing I am wanting to do? It should help you to work out what is the right way to go. Its a bit of a battle out there - keep focused on Jesus and you'll do well. There will be more on this in the final them of God's Tool Box.

If you click on the button below it will take you to a 3 minute clip by some kids from America (thanks to PGKids) that has the key points and is helpful.

One final thing: If you do find you've done the wrong thing and been tempted... its OK, just say sorry, to anyone involved especially if you've hurt them but also to tell God, say sorry to Him too and ask for his help in not doing it again. This is asking for forgiveness and Jesus loves to forgive.

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