spring fashion! by mya joseph

Fashion is simple and chic at this time of year. In the meantime of waiting for summer, we can enjoy the weather spring offers.

Photo by Mya Joseph

Bulky heels are a charm. These shoes are comfortable to walk in with the bulky stable heel. With thick banded straps and comfortable footing, these shoes can be picked for any occasion. They’re great for longtime wear and can be dressed up in classy attire, and you can sport them with jeans for errands!

Photo by Mya Joseph

Gold accessories can be flashy but wearing darker tones will make them vibrant to the eye. Gold rings can stand out in the day or night! Silver jewlery can make the dark tones seem washed or over done.

The classic pointed-toe stilettos are perfect for any outfit, if one looks to dress up their outfit rather than dress it down. These shoes give the perfect look for a chic-edgy vibe.

Photo by Mya Joseph

Bright colors and exposed skin are a great combination for spring. The thin, skin-tight suit is perfect to compliment curves or add a jacket to make it more of a lazy day apparel.

The gold accessories: the Crucifix and a name plate.

Simplicity can be a casual outfit for the minimalists. Spring is the time of the year where people can express themselves through fashion. Whether it be in hoodies or sundresses, spring has the perfect hot and cold weather so everyone can enjoy their picks of the season!

Photo by Mya Joseph
Created By
Mya Joseph


Edna for taking the pictures, and Abeni Davis for modeling the outfit

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