Schemes and Tropes Let us show you a last minute presentation that probably look have done last minute but tears were dropped because of it . BY ALEX,FreD and Shakira



Repetition of the same consonant (especially the initial consonant) in neighboring words.


Ben buried beans beneath bricks in his yard.

Many made many mistakes minute after minute.

Susan sue surprised stephanie, stacey’s sister saturday morning

Scesis Onomaton

(also known as Accumulatio, but from now on I'm going to refer to it as the far easier to remember - and say - 'Replication') is a rhetorical technique that very effectively emphasizes a point with the successive use of several words or phrases which have more or less the same meaning.

Because Wyatt wanna be extra:

Finnegan O'Neil: .Why are you in a wheelchair?

Monte Wildhorn: Can you keep a secret?

Finnegan O'Neil: Even if they torture me.

Monte Wildhorn: I'm attempting to defraud the Liberty Mutual Insurance conglomerate out of a million dollars.

Finnegan O'Neil: What's "defraud?"

Monte Wildhorn: Cheat. Snooker. Fleece. Bamboozle.

Finnegan O'Neil: So, you can walk?

Monte Wildhorn: I can run. But I have to be careful. I mean, if those Liberty Mutual boys catch me while I'm out for a quick jog, it's all over. I can kiss that million bucks goodbye and say hello to Yuma State Prison.

Finnegan O'Neil: You could go to jail?

Monte Wildhorn: Oh, yeah. But, what's jail? As John Milton once said, 'The mind it its own place.'

-- delivered by Morgan Freeman and Emma Fuhrmann (from the movie The Magic of Belle Isle)

The end

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