Company Structure and Job Roles Tom Griffiths

Core Team:

The core team are made up of many different roles with each of them having their own part of the design team. These include - Audio workers, Designers, QA testers and artists. These people work together to form the core team that are responsible for creating, maintaining and updating the game.


The structure of a company will need to be adjusted at each stage to meet the evolving nature of the project. The right structure for a small, business design team is unlikely to work for a large applications development team.

Structure is essential in order for a group of designers to work correctly. Teams are good in the industry because individuals can share knowledge, co-operate, support each other and are motivated to achieve the team's goals.


The Salary in the games industry has definitely dipped and risen over the last few years. Although lately they seem to be improving. Last year the average salary was £31,882. However now it has risen to £33,800 which is almost £2000 more. In my opinion this is because over the last year more and more people are getting into video games and as a result there is more of a call for designers to make fresh new content to catch the gamers eye.

Project Director:

The project director is essentially the overseer of the whole task. He'll be the one that controls the design team and outsourcing to third parties. He essentially makes sure of the planning, design, controlling and closure of a project.


Programmers create the code that runs the game. The code is the p[art that you don't see when playing the game. It is essential to all games as it runs and controls everything that happens during the game itself and without it there is no game to play. Programmers spend a lot of time finishing the code they have written, this includes fixing bugs, fixing glitches and looking for problems in-game. Programmers also spend time testing and re-reading and re-writing the code they have written.


The role of a QA tester is to play games and search for glitches in game and pass it on to the programmers where they can be fixed and put back into the game. QA testers tend to get paid less than the rest of the team as they have an easier Job.


An artists job is sketch out level designs and then pass it on to the game developers where it can be made into an actual level by the designers. The artists will also sketch out many different designs and interpretations of the same level.

Audio Team:

Audio teams have many roles in the games industry, this includes creating the soundtrack for a game and sound effects. Audio teams have a large part to play in the games industry and without them the game would not sell in the open market because a game without audio is useless


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