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Harvard University is in Cambridge, MA

Reason for Founding

One reason is that people wanted religious freedom, so they can practice there own religion. Another reason is Puritans wanted to live in the perfect community, and they valued education.

Rocky coastline


New England has rocky coastline, and rocky soil which is not ideal for growing crops or farming. New England also has long cold winters which is nice for killing insects and germs, but a downside is there are short growing seasons. It has clean water and an ideal place to fish


Video on New England's economy


In New England the industries and how people made money is logging because there was a lot of natural resources. Fishing because in New England there are a lot of harbors. House building because there was a lot of trees in New England.

Blacksmith is another way to make money in the New England Colonies.
New England Patriots

More to know about New England

The New England Patriots are a six time Super Bowl winning team. They had an amazing player named Rob Gronkowski but he retired at the end of Super Bowl LIII. They do still have Tom Brady which some people would say he is the best Quarterback in NFL history. You can also see a ton of different sports games like a Boston Red Sox game or a Celtics game, and a ton more.

"If you go to the rocky coast you will be happy at most."

Go to New England!

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