Bessie Coleman First African American Female Poilot.💜 By lauryn A.

Bessie c. as a kid

Bessie coleman was the first African American women too get her pilot license

Bessie as a baby

My life story!!!!

Bessie early life Bessie coleman was born on January 26 1892 born in Alanta Texas Bessie coleman's mother and father had 13 children in all Bessie colmen had 12 brother's and sisters bessie coleman got her pilot license in 1921 bessie coleman saved up her money too go to france so people there could help her learn how to fly. bessie coleman married a man named claued guenn she died in 1926 april 26 she was taking a flight test and she fell out of the plane to her death .Also she went to a sperated school and she attend one term of college at Langston university. And Bessie coleman went to Chicago to have a better life while her mother and siblings stayed in texas and worked for a white man on a farm .And she would also tell her sister that one day she would open up her own school for flyers.while she got to chicago she lived with her two older brothers. Bessie coleman had 1922 plane crashes.

Boom crash ✈️✈️✈️
Me on a farm working for a white man

Why was I famous???

Bessie coleman is famous for being a famous the first African American women to get her pilot license and drive and take off in the sky and sharing the feeling that black kids and women and men can do the same stuff as white kids and men and women

Queen of the skies

I accomplished this!!!!!

One of bessies accomplishments are being the first African American women to get her pilot license and take off and fly.

Lets take flight
She inspired me!!!!

Bessie coleman made people feel like white people are not the only people that can do things good and the best and be all that black people can too we have the just the same rights that they have were all equal. And she inspired people do do what they believe they can do and try it.


Bessie coleman is celebrated by books and she was on the google page for a month (p.s. it should have been forever.) Bessie coleman was on the google page because it was her birthday and she got celebrated by being on google for a month and she has a lot of books made on her too. And she is named after a school so she is celebrated in many ways.

Bessie Coleman middle school
Google page of bessie
the book fly high
Fly, Bessie, fly!
Let's think about me!!!
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