The Art of Being Queer PRESENTS

Identity Exhibition celebrates queer artists and their work, with hand-selected pieces from around the globe. The exhibition will provide an immersive experience through which our guests can learn about and contribute to the ongoing fight for queer representation to be standard, in a fun, interactive and consumable way. It is our belief that the public learn best about silenced issues when they are, not lectured, but immersed in that topic.

We feel this 100% aligns with the spirit of Pride.

Initially designed to win funding for a stand-alone documentary, The Art of Being Queer has grown in ways that we could not have imagined. This project is still in its infancy, and yet the response has been overwhelming. To us, it has proved that our project’s worth is clear: queer artists everywhere need this platform to showcase their work that is otherwise underrepresented in mainstream media.

We have had close and personal interviews with over 30 artists from around the world and have collated over 25 hours of content. The first ever episode of The Art of Being Queer Podcast has launched with significant success, and we will be pushing out a new episode featuring differents artists and conversations on queer topics every three weeks.

It became obvious to us that the next natural step was to bring together some of the work we’ve had the pleasure of exploring into a collaborative art exhibition collection.

The exhibition features 26 artists from around the world. We will be showcasing: ‘If I Could Reach the Stars’ [original], by the world-renowned visual artist and activist, Paul Richmond; ‘Call Me Queer’, [large format], by the photographer Martin Kamen, most notable for his work in the Czech National Gallery; ‘Sad Boys’ [original] by visual artist, Thomas Mars.

We’re proud to exhibit these well-recognised artists, but at the heart of this project is the aim to promote and celebrate art from everybody, regardless of their identity and success to date.

Of course, the artwork makes up the physical, but the exhibition experience as a whole is centred on the artists behind the art - their stories and their experience. Thus, our exhibition has an audio experience and our visitors can hear from the artists themselves.

Collaborating with Pride

This project will allow you to actively support and give platform to the underrepresented members of our community and promote an inclusive art community environment that so far ceases to exist. We believe it is the responsibility of all of us in this community to come together and give a voice to these art mediums.

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