Deborah Heyl-Clegg CAS Highlights

She has been the Department Head of Chemistry for the last 4 years, and has been a Faculty Member in the Chemistry Department since 1992. She really enjoys her administrative role and the challenges that come with it, “It is a huge team and everybody has to do their part so it's really just a different aspect of the university that you get to be a part of” said Dr. Heyl-Clegg. She also maintains an active research program in collaboration with Dr. Hedeel Guy-Evans and Dr. Jeff Guthrie. Within this program, students can learn how to design and synthesize peptides, small chains of amino acids, and then purify them; they will be trained in the lab and taught how to do biochemical assays; they will also be trained in cell culture, as they test the compounds to see if they have anti-cancer activity. Thanks to their efforts, students have a chance to publish their research together with their mentors, and they get to speak at conferences, such as the Undergraduate Symposium. Dr. Heyl-Clegg expressed, “I love to see them blossom. I love to see how when they come in, they are not very sure of what they are doing, and when they leave they are very confident.” Recently, with the re-opening of the state, students have started to take in person summer classes. Labs, alongside with studio classes, “are something that the students have to experience-- you just can’t learn those techniques online.” Dr. Heyl-Clegg, along with the Faculty and Staff of CAS, have had long conversations to discuss how to maintain public safety while engaging within the labs. In these summer classes it is mandatory to wear masks in addition to the usual goggles and gloves, keep social distance, and stay at stations 6ft away from other students (data analysis can then be performed off campus). Thank you Dr. Heyl-Clegg for your passion and dedication to your students, staff and faculty! #TRUEMU #EMUCAS