Reality Jonathan Bravo

Motif: Truth about Reality

Theme: Society refuses to talk truth

Steinbeck the creator of Of Mice And Men also creator of Lennie a character in the story, who is a mentally disabled human. In the story, he faces many problems. Fear is one whenever he gets frightened his right away instinct is to hold on tight. This had got him into trouble such as: the mouse, the puppy , and the lady in the red dress.

  • "He was so little," said Lennie. "I was jus playin’ with him… an’ he made like he’s gonna bite me… an’ I made like I was gonna smack him … an’… an’ I done it. An’ then he was dead. She consoled him. "Don’t you worry none. He was jus’ a mutt. You can get another one easy. The whole country is fulla mutts."

The story "Tularecito" or Pastures of Heaven, John Steinbeck wrote upon a character named Tularecito. Now he grew up different, he wasn't your ordinary baby at all. Franklin Gomez was who took care of him and had a choice to send him to school. As to start his teacher knew the difference in him and the other students in class, in fact she was frightened. She didn't want much to do with him as to saying because he is different he wasn't suitable for school. Also saying because he is different he shouldn't be able to have an education.

At last Chrysanthemums, this story wasn't having to do with disabled people. A character known as Elisa was treated as if she was a slave. Basically men were much feminist back then, following whatever there spouse does. Things her husband had done she was ordered to do also, all she wanted was for her to be able to be independent. Following to the flowers called Chrysanthemums which in fact she can called her own. In one seen a man from a shop threw away he flowers as to because she's a women and her personally grew them, in all the work to grow the flowers had gone to waste. As the quote below could be saying that Henry was joking about having help in the orchard as to what's funny about a woman going to a fight?

  • Henry put on his joking tone. "There's fights tonight. How'd you like to go to the fights?"
  • "Oh, no," she said breathlessly. "No, I wouldn't like fights."


Women's thing about women are they are different from men. Many women as of today can be considered the most hardworking ones. Nothing makes them special on what they have, its the power to do something. By any means women can be just like men or even better, those who are feminist are at there max of jealousy.

Equal Love: One main thing people think is that its plain wrong, but in life its okay to be different. Why does everyone have to be the same? There is nothing wrong but you who cringe, so what, does effect you? probably not so let it be. This is in fact a problem in society many people are being judge because of what they think is right or the way they look, instead of trying to change someone to believe something else, worry about your own health.

CONCLUSION: In all, the stories are judging people because of their differences. This is why its relevant in reality today. Reality will tell you rights and wrongs but really its your choice. You are an independent individual who should think or believe what's right for themselves, it's not fair to have to be different and be judged by it, no one is perfect nor the same.


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