Otzi iceman THE 5300 OLD MAN

Ötzi the "Iceman" was found on September 19, 1991 on the Ötztal Alps in Italy! He was found by German couple Erika and Helmut Simon as they were hiking, until they saw a man with snow and ice covering his body! He was, obviously, dead but upon carbon dating they soon realized he was 5300 years old, the oldest preserved mummy in history!


There are many different theory's on how Ötzi died but there is heavy evidence supporting one commonly accept theory which was that Ötzi was murdered! Whether out of jealousy, hatred or enmity, someone shot an arrow into Ötzi! It hit his left shoulder and left a 2 centimeter deep hole and the tip was made of flint suggesting the murder was completely planned. This theory has a lot going for it including the fact that battle wounds were found all across Ötzi's body, suggesting that he might have been a violent person who made many enemies! His gear suggests that he didn't go on some ordinary hike and he wasn't a shepard because he never had the right gear. All of this points to him running away from someone or something, causing the murder!

Quick things you might not know about Ötzi...

  • Ötzi got his name after the place he was found, Ötztal Alps!
  • Ötzi is older then the Egyptian pyramids.
  • He carried copper tools, suggesting that he was ready for a long trek!


Created with images by Robert J Heath - "Vent, Otztal Alps, Austria" • Robert J Heath - "High Above Solden" • Robert J Heath - "Austrian valley"

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