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Yosemite National Park was created in 1890 by Gallon Clark, Abraham Lincoln, and John Moore were the founders of Yosemite. John Muir was the biggest part in making Yosemite a National Park making sure they made it a National Park.
The Half Dome is a major part of Yosemite because it reflects of Mirror Lake. It is 8,839 feet high. It is called the Half Dome because is only goes up high on one side. Between 2013 through 2014 175,095 hikers have climbed in Yosemite. Many climb the Half Dome.
Mirror Lake is the most attracted lake in Yosemite. Mostly because it has the Half Dome reflecting of the water. This lake is 48 feet deep. Although it is a major tourist attraction you cannot swim in Mirror Lake. The Park will only let you get close enough so you can see the reflection of the Half Dome.
People visit Yosemite National Park to see the wildlife. wilderness, streams and mountains. There are 400 animal species including black bear, mule deer, foxes and many more can be found in Yosemite's wilderness. 4 million people visit Yosemite every year.
Bridalveil Falls is a 620 foot waterfall. The tallest waterfall in north american is Yosemite Falls at 2,425 feet. These two waterfalls are the major tourism sites of Yosemite.
The first waterfall shown is Bridalveil Falls. Bridalveil Falls is the second largest waterfall in Yosemite at 620-feet behind the second waterfall shown Yosemite Falls at 2,425-feet. Yosemite Falls is the largest waterfall in North America.
El Captin is 7,569 feet tall. People enjoy hiking up the back of El Captin. This will be found in the Sierra Nevada mountain range. This is the third highest peak in Yosemite. The Half Dome being the second highest. Mt. Lyell being the highest.This is one of the highest rock climbing in the world.


Yosemite became America's 3rd National Park ever in 1890. In 1907 a railroad called Yosemite Valley Railroad was built so tourists could ride a train and tour Yosemite. The longest living things living in Yosemite are the Sequoia Trees, these trees are over 3,000 years old.


The average snowfall per year in the mountains of Yosemite National Park is 29 inches per year. The average rainfall per year is 37.2 inches. The lowest temperature ever recorded in Yosemite is 6 degrees Fahrenheit. The average temperature is 63.7 Fahrenheit. Yosemite is located in California, in the Sierra Nevada Mountains.

Park information

Yosemite National Park is the 4th most visited National Park in the U.S. There are 8 major lodging sites in Yosemite. 1,200 people are employed in Yosemite is the summer. In the winter only 800 people are employed.

Yosemite facts

A granite rock formation called the Half Dome reaches 5,000 above the valley floor. 20% of California's 7,000 species are found in Yosemite National Park. 95% of the parks 747,956 acres are Wilderness, nearly the size of Rhode Island.
The mountains that grow in Yosemite grow 1-foot every 1,000 years. Yosemite means "killer" in Miwok originally referred to the name of the renegade tribes, which were driven out of the area.


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