How to be a Doctor By Lillie doherty

A doctor helps with emergency situations like life or death, helps with yearly check-ups, and basically helps people. There are many types of doctors, but the one I want to be is a Hospitalist/ER doctor.

This doctor is analyzing blood, called a blood test. It can be used to check your metabolism rates, and about your cells.

To be a doctor, you need to be caring, patient, willing to help, kind, and lovable. You also need to know Health, Math and Science, the English Language, Biology and Psychology, and Customer service.

The length of education is very long. It can actually take up to 11 years! You need to go to college, then medical school to study to become a doctor.

My S.M.A.R.T goal for this career is: I will try to be a good doctor and help my patients when I work for as long as I have the job. My other S.M.A.R.T goals in order are:

1. I will try to get a graduation certificate so I can go to a good college for the maximum amount of years so I can learn how to be a doctor.(Get a good scholarship)

2. I will try to learn biology, psychology, and math so I can go to college and medical school for as long as possible so I can learn everything.

3. I will try to graduate from medical school so I can become a doctor for as long as possible so I can help people with their problems.

4. I will go to get a job at a local hospital so I can work as a doctor until I retire.

5. I will work as hard as possible as a doctor so I can save the lives of patients so that they can live a long and happy life, like I will after I retire from being a doctor. (I will try to be a doctor for as long as possible)

The general payment for being a doctor is $187,200 and up. Saving people's lives is worth it!


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