Spades XIII Where your dreAM TRIPS COME TRUE

Spades are the best in planning your vacations
Spades XIII will help you find your dream vacation

Travel Packages to California,Hollywood as low as 1,500

  • Flight from Phoenix to California is $267
  • Hotel "Luxe City Center Hotel" is $630
  • Universal Tickets are $105 or you can get VIP Tickets or $360

Travel Packages to Hawaii under $2,000

  • Travel Tickets from Cali to Hawaii is $567 to $716
  • A Great Range Of Hotels with prices from $545 to $745 an Hotels come with free Wifi!!
  • There are also VIP tickets for $241

Travel Packages To Australia Under $2,300

  • Flight Tickets range from $630 to $1,062
  • Hotels in Australia are a Range up to $630 to $900 and some hotels have free Wifi
  • Tickets to go see the Great Barrier Reef are $110 for a full day

Travel Packages To China Under $1,500

  • Flight tickets from Australia to China are $283 to $429
  • Hotels in China range from $1,016 to $1,376 and comes with free wifi
  • Tickets to the Red Hate Caves Day Tour range up to $230

Travel Packages To Bora Bora Up To $10,000

  • Flights from China to Bora Bora are a range from $1,626 to $3,340
  • Hotels at Bora Bora Range from $4,345 to $9,400 with Free Wifi,Buffet, and Room service
  • Paddle Boarding is included but ranges up to $140 to $329 for Full Day


Created with images by Jennie Robinson Faber - "Midnight sun, @AlaskaAir winglets, and Mt. McKinley. Pretty perfect end to our discontiguous state tour." • Emmanuel_D.Photography - "Morning Glow" • Bobbele38162 - "beautiful beach hawaii sky" • krystian_o - "California St." • paul bica - "road to hana" • pattyjansen - "milsons point sydney australia" • Mariamichelle - "bora bora over water bungalows tropical"

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