SkateZone 2020

Introducing the best, new way to test Speed, Agility and Transition - the SAT’s of hockey skating. Thanks to Tigermetrics testing, any hockey player can see how fast they skate, how they compare to others and what it takes to play at the highest levels.

And while being a good hockey player requires many variables (size, skill, toughness, game sense, tenacity, coachability, character and leadership to name a few), now it’s easy to measure skating ability with precision accuracy. And we use the exact same tests found at professional sports combines. Impressive right? Here‘s a sampling of this innovative technology at work:

Every Tigermetrics testing session gives hockey players, parents and coaches an inside look at pinpoint accurate skating results. Plus, Tigermetrics highlights detailed rankings, individual and team comparisons, and special, often surprising insights on a player-by-player basis.

Skate like the pros. Or simply see how you measure up. Learn more by contacting Tigermetrics testing today.

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