Huxlow Science College Monday 1st February 2021

Dear all,

Since the previous newsletter we have had the excitement of snow as well as the announcement this week that schools will not reopen immediately after February half term. Please be assured, student wellbeing remains our priority, alongside a commitment to providing the highest quality learning experience at home or in a classroom.

As we move towards the end of our fourth week of remote learning, I want to thank every member of the Huxlow community for going above and beyond.

  • Students - you should all feel proud of how you have adapted and risen to the challenges of learning from home. Keep it up!
  • Parents - thank you for juggling home -schooling with work and the challenges of family life.
  • Staff in school - your efforts to support the Critical worker/vulnerable student provision are really making a huge difference to the lives of individuals and their families.
  • Teachers - you are mastering the new art of remote teaching and ensuring all students have access to the best possible education. It is relentless and exhausting but look how far we have come.
  • Support staff - You are the glue that holds our school together, working relentlessly with students or behind the scenes to ensure we can provide high quality learning opportunities for all.

Thank you all

Enjoy the second edition of our newsletter, it is jam-packed with information, updates and is a wonderful snapshot of what we have achieved together.

Please stay safe.

Best wishes

Kim Isaksen

Acting Head teacher

A huge thank you to the site team for their hard work in clearing the grounds.

Free School Meals Information

For those families entitled to Free School Meals we have sent vouchers via email. Any queries please contact head@huxlow.northants-ecl.gov.uk

Critical Worker Provision

A gentle reminder that government guidance sets out that parents and carers who are critical workers should keep their children at home if they can. Schools are being encouraged to keep their critical worker provision numbers as low as possible in order to minimise the mixing of individuals. Thank you for your support with this.


Our attendance procedures have slightly changed. In order to try to support parents who might not be at home, our Learning Mentor Team will text parents if their child has not logged in Period 1.

If your child is unable to access their online lessons, could you please email the school using student-absence@huxlow.northants.sch.uk with your child’s name, their year group and a clear reason for their absence. Please send us an email in the morning of each day of their absence.

Remote Learning

Students have continued to follow their timetables remotely on Teams this week and so far we have been really impressed with their attendance and engagement. Thank you for all your support with this. We appreciate that this is a very difficult time for our students and their families, but we want to ensure that students keep on top of their learning and follow a routine as they would in school.

Thank you to everyone who completed our parent survey on remote learning. It was overwhelmingly positive, which we are delighted to see. Please see our FAQs to address the main concerns and questions raised.

Below is a link to a reminder of the guidelines. Please note that lessons are now 45 minutes to allow students to have a break from the screen and a stretch!

With most of our students currently learning from home over the internet, we recommend that parents and carers review the safety settings for their home internet.

If you have any concerns regarding online safety or safeguarding in general, please email us at l.gauvrit@huxlow.northants.sch.uk and we will support as much as we can.

We are here to support you.

Below is a link with further information on accessing Teams.

The link below provides information on how to access and submit assignments.

If you need further support, please contact your child's form tutor or head of year.

We are delighted with our students’ attendance to our remote learning provision. 70% of our students have access 100% of their lessons last week. Congratulations to a terrific start to our year 7 who have shown resilience and commitment with 78% of them accessing all their lessons online.

Remote learning has never been more fun!!!

Join all your lessons and you can receive up to 10 points per subject area per week. All these points accumulated will materialise into vouchers and prizes.

What should you do to win these points ?

Follow our Attitude For Learning Guide to win the most amount of points…

  1. Be on time to lessons and make sure you greet your teacher.
  2. Complete assignments or any work set on time.
  3. Participate in your lessons when invited to.
  4. Communicate efficiently and promptly with your teachers via Team chat or emails.
Click on picture to view.

So good luck everyone !


Student of the week - Week commencing 11th January (selected at random following the criteria of 90-100% remote attendance, 9-10 average engagement to lesson score and completion of wellbeing form)

Remote Winners:

  • Year 7 - Kiera W
  • Year 8 - Stephanie G
  • Year 9 - Jack G
  • Year 10 - Sara MP
  • Year 11 - Chloe L

Keyworker Winners:

  • Year 7 - Ella P
  • Year 8 - Stevie C
  • KS4 - Oliver M
Afternoon Tea
Due to their fantastic effort to access their online learning, 201 students have received this week an e-raffle ticket to win a Samsung Galaxy tablet at the end of term. Every student achieving at least 90% of attendance will be entered every week in this competition. Good luck to everyone. “
Another fantastic week regarding attendance with 71% of all students accessing 100% of their lessons online. A special well done for year 8 who have reached 78% of attendance this week
Engagement is doing well with more than 80% of students engaging well with work set and lessons expectations. Well done to you all!”

There has been a definite increase in the number of students completing their weekly well-being form. We would like even more students to let us know how they are doing! So please check in your group email and complete the form. If you are not sure how to find your group email, please ask your tutors in LORIC time.

Snow fun in the Huxlow community.


Please remember all work is to be submitted on Teams - teachers will check each time work is set.

Vocabulary tests, listen and repeat activities, vocabulary practice, "mini whiteboard" activities, cultural points, differentiation, planning and assessments all continue as if we were in the classroom.

Students are throughly encouraged to unmute and share their answers/practise their pronunciation and keep the communication going.

Year 11 & 13 - Please continue to revise Theme 1, 2 and now 3 regularly. All vocab booklets are on Teams.


Psychology classes are continuing to work hard this week getting prepared for assessments coming up shortly! Keep up the good work Team Psych!!

Year 13 - Revision Poster


This week year 9 have been investigating photosynthesis using an online practical.

We are signed up to a package called focuslearning. There are lots of great resources on there to investigate for both key stage 3 and key stage 4.

Mr Cale would like to say well done to Year 11 Set 1 for their excellent attendance to on line lessons and their attitude to learning. Keep up the great work.
Mrs Woodward would like to say well done to her Year 9 triple 1 science class for their engagement with online learning.☺
Mrs Woodward would like to say a special well done to BR in her Year 9 triple 2 science class for always being willing to have a go at answering questions during remote lessons. 😊
An great example of Year 11 work.
Ms Griffiths would like to say well done to Year 11 Set 2 for an excellent attitude to learning. Year 9 Triple 1 and Triple 2 Physics have all had excellent attendance and positive engagement.
Miss Mott would like to congratulate 8a2 for their high level of participation during multiple choice knowledge check quizzes. Lots of them engage and type their answers in the team chat. Even better, loads of them are the correct answers.
Miss Mott would also like to acknowledge Billy who is fully engaged in remote learning. He has shown a fantastic improvement in attitude to learning. Well done!


Well done to all students keeping up with their maths lessons. Most lessons involve part of of the time using mathswatch website to practise questions. Teachers are using this to assess students' understanding of topics and engagement in their learning. There are also short video clips on there to help students with further explanations. To access Mathswatch:

  • login: firstinitialsurnname1@huxlow (for example: hpotter1@huxlow)
  • password: huxlow123

Any issues with accessing maths work, please email me (r.king@huxlow.northants.sch.uk) or your child's maths teacher.


Word of the Week - INTERPRET

Tutors have put a Frayer model on to their LORIC Team Channel. Students have been exploring what the word means and using it in their lessons! Great work everyone.

An example of a Freyer model.


Take a look at the website below - each week features a free book and some activities with the author,

Miss Dudley has stumbled upon a fantastic website which allows you to sign up FOR FREE and borrow a range of teen and young adult for fiction...FOR FREE!

Follow this link to find out more, to sign up and to start reading!

Fantastic work from Mrs Barker's year 11 English, some special shout outs to: Isis, Amiee, Julia, Lily, Maisy, Edward, Alex, Daniel, Nathan, Emma, Tymur, Chloe and George - keep up the good work!
Excellent work on Bedrock for years7&8 - we are really impressed on how much time you are putting in to learning new vocabulary! Top of the year 7 leaderboard is: Harry! Well done Harry. Top of the leaderboard for year 8: Izzy! Fabulous work Izzy - well done!
Loving year 8&9s reading books that they've been sharing in class with me. It has become a weekly occurrence that we chat about current reads!
Miss Dudley would like to give her Year 7 class a huge shout out for being so engaged, producing fab writing using a range of noun types to create character.


Shakespearean Insult of the Week: It is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing- Macbeth

Year 7: Well done to everyone who took part in the Shakespearean Roast Battle! We hoped you enjoyed being able to shout at each other and Miss Kirk over teams!

Year 8 are doing so well looking at Hamilton the Musical! Your lyrical analysis of the songs is fantastic and you are really getting to grips with the social and historical context of the musical!

Year 10: There are so many creative ideas that are being discussed for your devising examinations! Can’t wait to try these out when we are back in the Studio.

Year 11: Remember to email your coursework to Miss Kirk if you haven’t done so already.

Design Technology

Mrs Lane would like to shout out Year 8 textiles for their amazing continued effort this week.
We have been developing some design concepts online this week in Design Technology with a little help from @Onshape

Miss Whitworth and her classes have been doing a lot of Artist/Designer research. They have been looking at Jon Burgerman (Doodles), Papio Press (Environmentally responsible paper Graphic Products) and Mirjam Gellan (Natural dyeing and embroidery).

Year 9 - Jon Burgerman

Year 7 have been making structures out of paper to support a weight. Some great examples below:

We have a lovely optional DT challenge for you. We’d like to build our virtual community by having a go at these paper houses. Follow the link for video and written instructions.

Huxlow Science College have registered for this event - get involved!

Staff Spotlight - A warm welcome to our new SENcO

Hello! I am Marian Porter, and I am now the SENCO at Huxlow Science College. I live in Northamptonshire with my family and have worked in schools in the East Northants area for more than 18 years. I am an experienced SENCO and lead teacher for children who are looked after, so I am really looking forward to continuing the outstanding work that the Huxlow team does, to meeting you all, and to working with you and your family to support your children.

Our superb team of Teaching Assistants and intervention specialists continues to work with our most vulnerable students to provide additional support for the remote learning that they are accessing with their teachers. This team is also part of the wider on-site learning team for our vulnerable children and the children of critical workers. If your child has an EHCP and/or usually receives in-class support or intervention withdrawal lessons, and you have not heard from the team, please contact SENCO@huxlow.northants.sch.uk, and we will look into this for you 🙂

The Annual Reviews for students with an EHCP will continue but it looks as though we will need to do some of this work 'virtually'. We will prioritise the planning and reviews for students who might be moving to a new setting post-16 or post-18. Again, please contact SENCO@huxlow.northants.sch.uk if you are concerned about the timescale for the reviews for your child.

Similarly, reviews and meetings for children who are in care, are continuing. Please contact our dedicated mentor for children in care, Angy Foster, if you have any queries: a.foster@huxlow.northants.sch.uk


DITTO is an online safety magazine for parents that is issued freely by www.esafety-adviser.com This topics in this DITTO edition are:

  • YouTube influencers.
  • TikTok family safety mode
  • What is Like Farming?
  • Notifications
  • Taming Gaming website
  • Report Harmful Content service
  • and a few snippets of other information.

You can access the magazine through the link below


Follow our new Twitter page @huxlowcares for Wellbeing support for students, staff, parents and carers.

Are you/ your child spending too much time in front of a screen? This is clearly unavoidable at this time, but it is important to establish to boundaries around this, so that adequate time away from the screen is taking place. See the link below for a pack to help establish some guidelines and good routines at home surrounding this:

This will help to determine when to take regular breaks and to get outside and away from all devices. A good evening routine is also important so that good sleep patterns are in place and devices are not overstimulating the mind before bedtime. You/ your child will be more productive having slept well, and being ‘device-free’ for a while.

Life is tough for lots of people at the moment. We can do things for others to make ourselves feel better. Imagine how pleased your parent or carer might be if you make them a cup of tea? What about offering to take the dog for a walk or bake a cake? Doing things for other has double the benefit - the benefit for the person you are giving to and the benefit to yourself. Here are some suggestions below:

GIVING – Do kind things for Others

  1. Write down what you could do today to be kind and give something to someone else. It may be simply to thank someone for what you might usually take for granted. It may be a simple as giving someone a smile, a gesture, a kind word or some encouragement. Notice how that feels. How do they respond?
  2. Ask the children you are with online or in class what they could do for someone today and then afterwards ask them what they noticed. Build up a bank of resources based on their suggestions.
  3. Help someone who is struggling and let them know that you care.
  4. What could the school community do to be kind to eachother ? How could this become a more conscious activity in school – here are some posters to get you thinking https://www.actionforhappiness.org/happiness-posters
  5. Write down a way you could be kind and give within your family at home, or even a phone-call to a family member or friend who might be on their own.

Do something kind today (each day if you can), you will feel so much better for doing it. #HuxlowTogether


The Lockdown League is a 5 week challenge between secondary school across Northants, where they compete against each other to see which has the most active pupils as judged by the number of active minutes logged during week long fixtures

Active minutes can be any form of exercise - run, bike, jog, yoga, walk, playing sport, Joe Wicks workouts etc. The challenge encourages students to be active and to help break up the amount of screen time and improve their physical condition.

So, let's show the county that Huxlow is the best - get active, log your minutes on the link below and watch this space for the results!


Thank you for all the continued support and involvement in this event.

Week 1 was amazing - we beat Wootton Park - a fantastic start to the competition! We logged a total of 21,054 minutes.

Unfortunately, Wollaston beat us in Week 2. But there are positives - we increased our active minutes to 25,108. This is awesome!

Week 3 - we are against Manor School - PLEASE keep logging your minutes! If you have been out playing in the snow - log it! It is hard work building snowmen and throwing snowballs!


The government has asked schools to arrange to start onsite COVID-19 testing.

The purpose of the tests is to identify asymptomatic staff and students, as these people can spread the virus.

Further details and consent forms have been sent out via MyED. A copy of the letter is available below.

Cancellation of GCSEs, AS and A levels for 2021 - update

Following the cancellation of GCSEs, AS and A levels for 2021, the government is consulting on how grades will be awarded.

Grades will be awarded by teacher assessment called TAGs (Teacher Assessed Grades), based on tests, assessments and coursework completed by students, which may include remote tests.

This announcement has come much earlier in the academic year than last time, with students less than halfway through their examination year. It is important that all students continue to work hard, and there will be ongoing assessments for Y11 and Y13 over the next few months to build an evidence base for grades.

We will keep you updated when we hear how teachers should award grades and what evidence will be used, the grades should be a fair reflection of the most likely outcome had exams been taken in the summer and that no students are disadvantaged by this process.


  • NHS Improvement Meet the people behind the masks: East of England
  • Date 25th February 2021
  • Eligibility Students must be 14+
  • Application deadline 4th February 2021
  • Oakridge Training Marketing & Digital Comms Research Project
  • Date 1st - 5th March 2021
  • Eligibility Students must be 15+
  • Application deadline 18th February 2021
  • Santander Workwise - Skills overview and interview practice workshop
  • Date 16th February 2021, 10am - 11am
  • Eligibility Students must be 14+
  • Application deadline 25th January 2021
  • Level 6 Applied Professional Engineering Apprenticeship (APEP)
  • Programme Duration - 4 Years
  • Qualification - BEng Applied Engineering Programme Degree (University of Warwick)
  • Salary - Circa £20,000

The RAF is still recruiting for all its diverse roles, be that Chefs, Aircraft Engineers or Cyberspace Specialists for their new Space Command. The RAF provides a great opportunity for young people to gain valuable life experience whilst becoming qualified to a high standard whilst enjoying the many benefits that come from being a member of the RAF.

  • Willmott Dixon Virtual Work Experience - We are looking for our future leaders!! Come along and see if that’s you!!
  • Location: National
  • Date: 15th – 19th February 2021 (Half Term Week)
  • Time: 10am – 1pm
  • Delivery: Through Microsoft Teams
  • Age: 14-19 Years
  • Expiration date: 31/01/2021

Wilmott Dixon Virtual Work Experience

Job Title: Willmott Dixon Virtual Work Experience - We are looking for our future leaders!! Come along and see if that’s you!!

Location: National

Date: 15th – 19th February 2021 (Half Term Week)

Time: 10am – 1pm

Delivery: Through Microsoft Teams

Age: 14-19 Years

Willmott Dixon is a privately-owned construction contractor and interior fit-out group. Founded in 1852, we are dedicated to leaving a positive legacy in our communities and environment. We create value for customers and our communities by working in a sustainable and responsible way to shape the built environment and make a positive impact to society's wellbeing.

  • The Work Experience Programme:
  • Are you looking for a career in management?
  • Willmott Dixon’s Virtual Work Experience Week introduces you to management careers in construction.

The week-long programme combines both live and pre-recorded sessions to provide you with an opportunity to develop your employability skills and gain an insight into Willmott Dixon.

During the programme, you will:

  • work on a group project with other participants
  • engage with Willmott Dixon employees and hear about their careers
  • learn how to pitch and present your project to a Dragon’s Den style panel
  • receive top tips from our recruitment team on improving your CV and interview skills
  • create a short presentation about yourself

A chance to hear from lecturers, current students and employers, as well as an insight into what its like to study at Moulton College;

  • Sports – Feb 3rd @ 6pm
  • Animal Welfare – Feb 10th @ 6pm
  • Agriculture and Countryside Management – 24th Feb @ 6pm

Coming soon…. Construction, Supported Learning, Equine and Baking and Nutrition

For more information contact Laura Thorpe Williams (Schools Liaison Officer) laura.thorpe-williams@moulton.ac.uk

INVEST IN - Our programmes give students aged 12-18 an immersive experience of their dream career. You will work alongside top professionals through a series of role-plays, seminars, simulations and networking sessions.


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